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6/26/2019 c1 Guest
To be honest, I think that Tuor did know Maeglin hated him. I bet he could sense that hatred somehow.
3/16/2017 c1 43Celridel
Oh, you portrayed Maeglin so well, that I (almost) feel bad for him. He didn't have a very good example anyway, with his father and all.
7/30/2013 c1 3dianaprincess
For the first time I feel kind of bad for Maeglin. He always seemed like such a jerk (in an I-can't-get-what-I-want-so-I'm-going-to-betray-my- own-kin-to-Morgoth kind of way) but I see what he was going through. But it would suck for Idril. Being stuck in the middle like that... I feel pretty bad for all of them, actually. Except for Tuor. I really never liked him very much.
1/28/2012 c1 52evenstar8705
I'm a fan of Maeglin as well. I loved reading this. Very much in the spirit of Tolkien but with enough twist that it is emotional and interesting.
4/11/2010 c1 14Lyra the Bard
I have fallen in love with this story! It's so beautiful in the sense of Maeglin's overwhelming despair and poor Idril, who is unsure how she feels towards him. I had always liked Maeglin and his tragic history, and I believe you captured his frustration and desire for Idril perfectly in this story! Well done!
4/5/2010 c1 6Klose
This is great! As everyone else has noted, Maeglin here is a sympathetic and relatable character... and yet by showing Idril's side, you don't let us forget there is something a bit strange and twisted going on there. (And Maeglin doesn't forget either, poor guy).

I thought you portrayed the whole encounter between Idril and Maeglin very well - poor Idril, she wants to be friendly, but it's understandable that his persistent devotion makes her uncomfortable. I loved Tuor's interruption - perfect way to add an extra dimension to the tension. Nicely done. :)
3/13/2010 c1 6Aislynn Crowdaughter
Very well written and very touching. I like the way you go deep into Maeglin's feelings, here, and show his love for Idril and his resentment of his rejection. Watching the encounter between the two is like watching a train wreck - here the lovesick perpetual outsider, suspicious to everyone because of his parents, who just cannot land with his love and has the misfortune to love the wrong woman, there the king's daughter who cannot return his love and therefore feels uncomfortable in his presence. One gets the impression that Tuor's appearance of the scene stopped the situation from becoming worse.

And yet, you manage to never let us feel disdain against Maeglin, here - the way you have him, it is entirely possible to relate to his feelings. I love the fact that you are not taking sides in this but show both viewpoints. It adds to the tragedy of the outcome we all know from canon.

Very well done! Applause! :)
12/15/2009 c1 Deleted Account Pending Remove
I agree with all the other compliments you've gotten on this! Wow. Absolutely wow. And fortunately for me, you've got so VERY many excellent things in this fanfic that I still have plenty of room to leave you some new compliments of my own.

Well, seeing as it's -me- talking you might expect me to say this, but there is no such thing as sympathising too much with the bad guys. Even in real life, so long as one doesn't confuse sympathy with excessive trust (as Sam was worried that Frodo might be doing about Gollum), it can only do good to feel for the dark ones in our world. And in stories, it can lead to some excellent plots - like the one you've got here.

Right off, I love the way you said "a deep scowl marring his handsome features." Isn't that just what Maeglin's all about? So beautiful inherently, but seriously messed up by hate and twisted feelings.

His thoughts overall are just so right - you've really done a fantastic job of putting across his mood! And then, you make it absolutely believable when he's thinking about how he'd never hurt Idril and how well he would treat her, if she were his... Some people's Maeglin-portrayals would have him as a cold, cruel guy who just wanted to own her for his own sake, but your Maeglin really does obviously care for her, even though it's all gone so very wrong. It makes for a sort of precariously balanced but very deep version of their situation, especially the way you've pulled it off.

"There were two options: either to walk away and subject himself to humiliation, or to stand exactly where he was and hope with all his strength that she would pass. He opted for the latter." Of course he couldn't let himself be humiliated! No way! For people with his kind of pride, that is just NOT possible to accept. So he lets himself in for an encounter he doesn't want...

Incidentally, the messy hair is beyond precious! One of the things that's always struck me about Maeglin is how very much *younger* he is than most of the other Elven characters. It almost seems unfair that he has so much to handle in his life, when the others tend to have hundreds or thousands of years on him in terms of experience and maturity to handle what fate throws at them. You've captured his youth brilliantly in this fic. His appearance, actions, words, thoughts, mannerisms - it's so obviously not all that long since he was a teenager!

I just love the name Moredhel for him! That may have been a simple matter of translation, but the *idea* of coming up with it in the first place was brilliant. It works perfectly, and the sound of it is so lovely and expressive! Of course, it's what they WOULD have called him, in Sindarin - you just win the Talented Fangirl award for figuring it out!

Your inclusion of narrative bits like "the intricately carved pillar" is a very, very effective way of conjuring up detailed and beautiful background scenery in an ultra-concise way. It makes for a marvellous (and quite unusual!) combination of beautiful mental imagery with a story that is NOT long-winded but focuses on what's actually happening! Keep putting in things like that, because they work delightfully with your writing style especially.

The idea of Idril actually finding him attractive in a way is interesting, and a bit chilling: it'd seem to make things even harder for her, when she's also spooked by him! And the line "his smiles were rather in short supply" is so sad! Poor Maeglin, he ought to have more reasons to smile. But he's one of the Silmarillion's many tragedies. :(

I know Sauron Gorthaur already said it, but I definitely noticed your echoed lines about Maeglin and Idril not knowing how they tormented each other, and... wow again. What a piece of writing!

I think my favorite thing in this entire beautiful story is this: "It was not his fault he had fallen completely and utterly in love with her, before he had even realised that they were related." Suddenly it all makes sense! How could it be dear, angsty Maeglin's fault if he didn't KNOW until too late, as it were? I never thought of that idea, but I'll never forget it now. What a simple, elegant, Maeglin-friendly explanation!

And there's the part where Maeglin takes Idril's hand: "Who knew Maeglin could be gentle?" and "She felt so fragile! He would be careful not to let her break." Aww!

I almost jumped out of my skin when Tuor showed up. That was SO unexpected! I never caught the least hint that you meant to bring him into the scene, and then my heart just about stopped when I heard his voice. Absolutely, masterfully done! Flawless.

Maeglin's reaction to Tuor's all-innocent 'we'll be kin soon' comment is so vivid! I could feel it right along with him, even though I have nothing against Tuor or mortals myself - hey, whoa! You had me going there so completely that I only just now specifically realized that I -am- a mortal like Tuor! (I knew that. I really did. LOL! It just did NOT come to mind in this context until about two seconds ago!)

"Maeglin in that moment hated Tuor with the dark fire of a thousand Balrogs. It hurt." Great metaphor! And of course it hurt. Hate tends to do that! Especially to a soul with such capacity for gentleness as your Maeglin's.

And then: "It was perhaps fortunate that Tuor had no idea what inventive ideas Maeglin was having about how to murder him." That would be funny if it wasn't... NOT funny. Inventive, indeed! I believe it.

His pain and tension in the last several paragraphs of the story come across so vividly that it's like - I don't know what, but it's incredible. And congratulations on the way you wrote what it looks like when such a very strong, proud character is driven to actually crying! I know from many pages of my own old writing just HOW hard it is to get that right. You've done it without a hitch. OW! Poor Maeglin!

My heart was in my throat, as I got towards the end of this story, wondering if he was actually going to go out and get captured by Morgoth before the end of the fic! "How could she not know that he would do anything, anything to win her love?" That's just so ominous and terrifying because I know, of course, what he DID do out of that motivation... not to mention the idea of being tortured by Morgoth is NOT something that could be easy for anyone to face.

I don't suppose you would possibly consider writing about that part of things, in a sequel or update to this? I know it's the second time I've asked you to continue one of your short stories, but I would dearly love to see how the capture by Morgoth and betrayal of Gondolin went, with this very fantastic and interesting Maeglin! Hey, if you want to continue this fic, even if you only posted an update very occasionally when you were inspired to write something this serious, it'd still be wonderful because that'd be more than if you NEVER continue it!

Well, here ends my inordinately long review. Sorry if it's exhaustingly longwinded but I can't bring myself to leave out any of the things I've commented on! Oh, and thank you for including the glossary at the end. It's always so considerate when a fanfic writer does that!

12/10/2009 c1 62Sauron Gorthaur
It amazes me how you can write such light hearted parodies and then write such darkness. I guess that just goes to prove what an excellent writer you truly are. Once again, I give you full marks as a storyteller. Well done, mellon nin.

I love what you have done with Maeglin's character, and the style with which you express his feelings is so elegant that it immediately reminds me of Tolkien's actual words in the Silmarillion. I particularly like how you have drawn out Maeglin's scorn for Tuor's mortality. The little snide comments that he makes mentally throughout about Tuor being human are very well done. Also, I love all the Elvish phrases that are slipped in - it really makes the story elegant and realistic.

My absolutely favorite part were these beautifully written sentences. "Did he not know he was tormenting her, with his insinuating looks and subtle words?" and "Did she not know she was tormenting him, with her disdainful looks and cold words?" Powerful repetition and great wording.

Great story! Keep on writing.

-Sauron Gorthaur
12/5/2009 c1 8Princess Arimae
I love this!

Write more!

[I think you'll regret giving me so many wonderful ideas of what to do if you don't, lol]

11/23/2009 c1 Tindomerel
You have such talent in both humour and the more serious drama! The characters are well represented, and the scene well developed. You've presented Maeglin in such an interesting way. The reader pities him slightly, but feels how horribly dangerous he is. Exactly as I would have imagined him! Fantastic work yet again, Araloth =)

Tin ;)
11/23/2009 c1 44chisscientist
Maeglin's story is sad. I don't think there's anything unreasonable in pitying him. Pity not unmixed with horror... much like Gollum/Smeagol. Very interesting character study, although it seemed to me some of the angst was a little repetitive and could have been shortened. But then I tend to overshorten some of my stories, so perhaps I shouldn't comment. Thanks for writing.
11/18/2009 c1 3oldRazberri
Wow, I loved this! Your portrayal of Idril and Tuor were wonderful, and Maeglin seemed so gritty and troubled. Twas wonderful!

11/18/2009 c1 39Violin Ghost
This was great. I love, love, LOVE Idril and Tuor, and seeing Maeglin portrayed like this was pretty different for me. My only quibble was that I found it difficult to switch between the two perspectives you used - Maeglin's, and Idril's. But apart from that, I love this. :)


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