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for The Last of the Uzumaki

1/5/2020 c1 Stalebread
Okay I guess
8/7/2019 c13 Usagi Sorano
so I 2
5/8/2017 c17 Anime100
This is truly very interesting to read; please update soon

I wonder how Kushina and Naruto will react to each other? And I have very high hopes that Naruto and Hinata can and will put the dog as well as fate believing boys in their places
7/22/2015 c17 AvatarUzumaki
Great chapter! Glad that kushina is freed and that team 7 made it to the tower. I can't wait to see hinata kick some ass!
7/22/2015 c16 AvatarUzumaki
Will riku succeed in freeing kushina? And how will the second part if the test go?
7/22/2015 c15 AvatarUzumaki
Wow! Someone who zabusa is scared off! Who his this person and what will happen to zabusa and will this mean good or bad news for naruto?
7/22/2015 c14 AvatarUzumaki
Battle over! Now what will happen and what is the footsteps
7/22/2015 c13 AvatarUzumaki
Glad to know narutos mother is still alive! Now how will they get her back?! And how will naruto react? And was that little scene with naruto and hinata the start of a relationship?
7/22/2015 c12 AvatarUzumaki
Now that they faced zabusa what will happen when that also encounter his friend
7/21/2015 c11 AvatarUzumaki
It's sad that I hope sasuke dies by zabuzas sword.
7/21/2015 c10 AvatarUzumaki
Well I was hoping that sasuke wasn't in the team. Damn council. Now how will naruto and hinata deal and will sasuke be a team player
7/21/2015 c9 AvatarUzumaki
Glad my fav couple are in the same team but I was hoping they would get a different sensei. Oh we'll cant win them all
7/21/2015 c8 AvatarUzumaki
Shikamaru is funny. I wonder if riku will be narutos and hinatas jounin sensei
7/21/2015 c7 AvatarUzumaki
Aww I see the naruhina coming!
7/21/2015 c6 AvatarUzumaki
Does this that riku adopted hinata?
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