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for The Last of the Uzumaki

8/24/2011 c17 Ninja Dragon
I can't wait to see what happens when Naruto meets his mother. Also Naruto is probably going to beat Kibi like a drum.
7/2/2011 c17 3devilzxknight86
update soon?
5/2/2011 c17 Ninja Dragon
I take it it was that sick bastard Mandra Uchia who drove Stheroth mad. Also dose Hojo apper too. Finally our Sora, Kiri, Roxas and Nimmine going to apper.
3/20/2011 c17 xtops
I love your story, it's one of my favorites. And Jiraiya and Kushina in the last chapter, OMG I all most fell off my chair I was laughing so hard. Any way keep up the good work, and update soon!
3/6/2011 c17 17hinatasgreatestfan
Go ahead, send Pervy-Sage my way, I'll kick him back. Haha. Anyway, great story so far, loving it, looking forward to more.
3/1/2011 c17 tedlay
Awesome story please please update asap
2/6/2011 c17 Ninja Dragon
I heres and idea to make both voters happy Hinta face Neij in the exsams. The when Naruto chase after Suskae Hinta fight Temiri.
2/3/2011 c17 9Fuyutaro son
YEAY! Kushina's free! *does happy dance* now! It is time for naruto to finally meet his mother!

and if you don't do it soon, i'll be dropping Bessie's cousin Ferdinand on your head!
2/3/2011 c14 Fuyutaro son
- Zabuza then appeared to Kakashi's left, intent on slashing his Sharingan eye out when Hinata called out, "Sensei, to you left at 9 o'clock!"

just so you know, 9 o'clock is automatically left (with 3 o'clock being right, 6 o'clock being behind you, and 12 o'clock being right in front)
1/17/2011 c17 1littlelostmelody
I really like this story, please update... UPDATE SOON!

:) Is the eldest Uzumaki Genesis and their sensei Angeal?...

Also This story is completely awesome update soon or I will send my legion of winged monkeys to hunt you down :D and pester you until you do update :D
12/19/2010 c17 Ninja Dragon
When's the next chapter? Here's an idea on how Naruto could meet Jayira. He meets him peaking at a womens bathhouse. But what's gets Naruto is that one of the girls is Hinta. Can't wait for more.
12/14/2010 c17 Nijia dragon
This story is excelent. Inorge what PhoenixRe said. I can't wait for the next chapter.
12/8/2010 c4 PhoenixRe
I am sorry but although you have a somewhat interesting idea here, your writing lacks. The whole thing seems abrupt (I can't really find a different word for it, just adequate in English). Your dialogues seem sudden and the changes in scenes do not flow together - more like they are stacked. You jump from one point to another and I get left with the feeling that something is missing at times and at other times you re-iterate things or explicitly comment on things that should not be commented upon but rather be concluded by the reader while reading your story...

This is of course my opinion. If I come off rather hostile I apologize. I am not trying to bash you or whatever. These are my thoughts on the matter in the hope that you better yourself if you happen to agree with something I say.
12/6/2010 c17 Ranma2387
Great story! Please update soon.
12/3/2010 c17 Nijia dragon
I can't wait for the next chapter. Also did you like my idea for Sora, Roxes, Kirai, Nimminie and Xion. I came up with an idea for Sora and Roxas sorwards. The Ying Yang blade. Given to them by their Father Vintis. On the day he gave to roxas and Sora. thblade split into the white went to Sora while the Dark went to Roxas. That all for now i hope you like my suggstion.
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