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2/1 c39 37Aunt Bran
Loved, loved, LOVED this story! It seems you and I had a similar reaction to the Twilight saga - we needed to rewrite Leah's role in the whole thing so we discovered fan fiction :) She was definitely short-changed, so thank you for this great tale!
2/1 c30 Guest
OMG - this was SO worth the wait
2/1 c23 Guest
Thank God she finally said it! I do love these two :)
2/1 c11 Guest
Sorry, it's Auntbran. Reading on my phone so didn't sign in. Good one - didn't see rhar alpha order coming!
1/31 c8 Aunt Bran
Damn. I need to get some sleep. But I'll be back tomorrow! Really enjoying your story. The reason I found fan fiction was my sympathy for Leah. I told my daughter I didn't like how she was treated in the movies (and books), and she told me to write my own ending. There was this thing called fan fiction! The rest is history...
1/31 c1 Aunt Bran
Beautifully written - and I love Leah. I'm sure this can't be the end of her, but it's a helluva way to start!
1/31 c39 SF
I do not know if you are still around and reading reviews but I just read this story from start to finish and it is awesome.
12/29/2019 c39 4Loveforwolves143
I really love your story. After the book was out for a couple of years and I stopped really focusing on Bella and Edward, you really see how fucked up Leah's life is. And people think she should just be okay with it?

The man she lives left her for her cousin, not by choice maybe but Sam and Emily were still both selfish in trying to keep Leah in their lives and not giving her the space she needed. Emily was wrong to get Sue involved in it.

I can understand Sue wanting her family to stick together but she also should realize how messed up to is to keep pushing her daughter into that situation constantly and not allowing her to have her own space.

And the pack! (Besides seth). They are all asswholes as well. Bringing up how Leah needs to get over Sam, how she will never imprint, how she cant have babies. And they think bringing up these things are going to make her nicer? She wasnt even provoking anyone when Jared said that! Like, really?! If any other girl was in a situation like Leah's, she could move along slowly and get along with her life! Leah doesn't have the option because of her "responsibilities".
12/29/2019 c19 Loveforwolves143
Ohhhh I just love Billy LMAO
1/22/2018 c27 11Furrina
I m so glad the conversation with Emily went the way it did. I don't like it authors just forgive and forget and make them into happy families for no good reason...
1/22/2018 c21 Furrina
Personally, I don't rather she remind Sam and Emily to set themselves on fire every so often while going about her life as usual, coz that's what I do... Also coz I have absolutely no interest in what that piece of shit entitled woman-abusing jackass and his enabler have to say...maybe she could have poisoned the muffins she keeps feeding him but she didn't...so Leah has absolutely no reason to accept or tolerate her.
1/21/2018 c9 Furrina
Fuck yeah, Leah... Take ur life back, bitch!
1/21/2018 c8 Furrina
I know exactly how Leah feels... These I leave only, and only, for my sister. Coz the guilt of not being there for when I needed her (she has her life, don't blame her at all) will eat her alive and I don't want that. Everyone else, including my parents, can burn in hell.
1/21/2018 c7 Furrina
Forced to be living after ur suicide attempt is a lot freeing...I would know.
7/18/2016 c39 anon
amazing tbh read the whole thing in a day (i've been glued to my phone). i loved the way you portrayed Leah in this and the plot was great too... u put humour, drama, tragedy (i almost cried when i thought Leahs baby was still-born) and a cute romance in one story which rarely happens! i LOVE that leah sam and Emily didn't end up heating each other... also love that you barely talked about the Cullens and bella in the story... honestly the vampire dead sperm thing bothers me so much and how the hell can jake imprint on a hybrid i hated meyer for doing that! again, i loved the way you portrayed leah and how she stayed in La Push and has a career and a family and is a strong woman! also loved that there arent any plot holes (unlike the original twilight) but ya ok this is super long anyways to conclude, it was great! :)
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