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12/6/2009 c3 missshay16
OMG. no make it double OMG. Kendall is Vee and Duncan's step mom. did she still marry Dick's dad. i cant believe that she did not let them go for the wedding and veronica did not kill her. also Shelley pomroy is their pep squad teacher. don't tell me Madison's kid is like her. it would have been great to break the evil cycle. waiting patiently for the next chapter (not)
11/29/2009 c2 missshay16
Lilly Kane kinda acts the way i think big Lilly would have acted. i cant wait for the next chapter. will the reporters find out about them
11/25/2009 c1 23isdonisgood
Firstly it sounds good but there is no need for every word to have a captial letter and I think you know this, so why does every word have a captial letter? There's other minor stuff I but right now I really can't be bothered and I have to write another chapter to my own story so I'll come back in a couple of days to beta it ok?
11/22/2009 c1 2iCharlie
Please Moree Reviewss :)

But I Am Glad Youu Likee :)

I Need Twoo Moree Reviewss

Pleasee Review :)
11/20/2009 c1 26Josielynn
I may have to print up your character list before I read the story but I like the plot. I am excited to read how you are going to handle all the issues their parents had in school.
11/19/2009 c1 missshay16
i love it please update soon

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