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for Playing With Fire

5/5/2010 c2 GinnyStar
I read both of your stories, quite AU, and you got good inaction too. Outside of them finding bioengineering "shrug shoulders on that one" Then they might have been able to get out there own system. Never Knew.
11/20/2009 c1 3firelizardkimi
I love the idea behind this but there are a few things that could make it better.

1. It's not clear to me if the bronze, brown, blue, and green dragons have riders or if it's just the queens and the New Breed.

2. Is Archon's name different from the traditional dragon name ending of -th because he's part of the New Breed?

3. There's some spelling and grammar errors here and there, but nothing a good beta couldn't fix.

4. If this story were to continue, would you expand more on the background of the war and the Mioko and their Spider ships? Sometimes it's hard to be thrown into a story in media res, and it would be nice to get some backstory.

Wow, that was an unnaturally long review from me. Keep writing. I look forward to more chapters.

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