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for A Whole New Life

1/4/2010 c2 2d1o2r3a4
so cool!... jejejej
12/22/2009 c6 1CZgallagher
so in a way sara is like a double agent? or a triple agnt? lol. idk! but awesome chapter btw! update whenever u get teh chance!

luv CZgallagher
11/26/2009 c5 3hearts4ever
good(e) seems like Jim and Natalia might get together? UPDATE SOON!
11/26/2009 c5 2James Oliver Wood
kEEP writing I want to know what happens
11/26/2009 c5 3MidnightFireboltGallagherGirl
awesome girl
11/25/2009 c5 1Rebellion02
heyy my name is on diz page :D oh yeah anyways idid not tink it was borin i wanna know who natalia stays with now! is it Jimmy or David ? dammz great ass storry keep writin nd dey prbly will go to roseville the town or sumtin
11/25/2009 c5 4ThatNeighborhoodBlonde
kay that was NOT bad at all! i loved it! the only thing i would work on is putting more detail into it, like more on where they are and the time that passes and showing more actions, like when nick kissed sam iwas kinda confused, and the part with nick and natalia i was kinda confused there too... other wise it was great!

update soon!


ps~i think mr. goode [the love of my life lol] and natalia will go into town!
11/25/2009 c5 11LivvyBubbleGum
it was kinda boring, but i wanna know what happens! UPDATE!
11/25/2009 c5 1CZgallagher
aww jim and natalia. they sound cute together! now they just need a moment!

update sooN!

luv CZgallagher
11/24/2009 c4 5luvbookz
its really good! please update!
11/24/2009 c4 1Rebellion02
ohh wow i like your storry keep writing it is really gud

check out mine nd tell me wat u think
11/23/2009 c4 11LivvyBubbleGum
11/23/2009 c4 1CZgallagher
ahh! another cliffy!

plz update soon!

luv CZgallagher
11/21/2009 c3 3hearts4ever
loved it! so im guessing Grant and Bex had a kid. Are they going to be in the story too? do Liz and Jonas have a kid? but i guess i will find out later in the chapters! UPDATE soon!
11/21/2009 c3 11LivvyBubbleGum
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