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7/9/2013 c3 BleuFlyinKittens
*Fangirl scream* This was sooooooooooo cute! 3 the sulu and chekov! :)
(btw this is a response to both the first and second half :) )
5/26/2013 c3 talk-ape
"You guys remember the last mission? With that tentacle guy that kept coming on to me?" Ahahahhhaa
4/2/2012 c3 2LoveGaara
lol i love this fic its so cute ^.^
2/7/2011 c3 T'Shira
They are all just babysitting Jim throughout the galaxy aren't they? Hilarious. Please update this story.
2/7/2011 c2 T'Shira
Kirk's hilarious. OMG. Oh payback is bad. Poor chekov.
8/6/2010 c3 37demonlifehealer
Very nice! It would be like Kirk to meddle in the business of others. Spock better watch out now because I doubt Kirk would go back to a "professional" relationship with everyone knowing. Prepare to avoid sexual harrassment Spcoky! I did love the Sulu and Chekov scene. Chevok seems like such a uke and it is so obvious he has something to Sulu! I can just see him all red face on the date while Sulu is comfortable. Those two deserve to be together! Please update soon!
7/31/2010 c3 59MirrorFlower and DarkWind
hahaha omg too funny just great hahahaha nice job
6/11/2010 c2 12rachello344
You should update this. Seriously. Although, there was no subliminal-REVIEW-message implanted-that I'm aware of-I felt... moved enough to write something. I (being somewhat of an aspiring writer myself) know the lack of motivation that occasionally occurs. I like to think that one of my friends' day is brightened when I update her and would like to tell you that mine will be the moment you update yours. 3 Please continue and update soon.

Thanks a bunch for writing something of a romantic comedy (if you could call this... that),

4/15/2010 c2 syvyann
dammit man. write some more please ^_^ even thought this, as an ending is quite good coz its a bit of a cliff anger and people would walk away thinking about your story and coming up with possibilities...regardless, a better end to the story would be one that you wrote so PLEASE dont kill me a write a little more pwease ^_^
3/20/2010 c2 2shadowspirit13
Very good! More please I really wanna find out what Sulu is gonna say to that!
2/26/2010 c2 37demonlifehealer
Gah! That was incredibly cute! I loved how Spock couldn't tear his eyes away and how Kirk got angry! So cute!
2/24/2010 c2 Fire - Wolves
Ah! I want to know what happens~!

Please update soon! And with more Spock/Kirk awesomeness please! ^_^
2/22/2010 c2 colorless.photograph
OMG! I want more! I love it! 3
2/20/2010 c2 rose taylor
That was awesome! I already read "Chekov Can't Lie" and loved it. Totally lmao from that last line. Please update soon?
2/20/2010 c2 SpaceHusband
Update soon!
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