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for Pieces of my heart

7/5/2018 c21 deborahav
12/3/2013 c21 Guest
Please make more
11/25/2013 c2 4Picandy
Uhhh... why was this chapter in bold? There's nothing wrong with it, it's just distracting to me. Anyways I really enjoyed this chapter and I can't wait to read more!
11/25/2013 c1 Picandy
Ooh! Nice story start. I like how you mixed humor into the story. Also, I like your word choice and use - it really spices the story up. I'll be reading more, so expect more reviews! :)
9/29/2013 c21 Hetomi
Please cont.
9/18/2013 c21 12blackcrowsfrost
So I've been reading this story now for about three days now because school (ugh) and I always feel like I should review on the chapter before I follow a story. So, um, I cried. Just at this one chapter, but, yeah, a few tears. I'm not sure of your updating pattern, but please update soon? And this story is brilliant and well written and as much of a drama queen Sakuya is, she's grown on me :3
9/16/2013 c21 3Hellosweetie4737
1/2/2012 c20 1luckydog10heart
Omo! I can't wait till you update! I really like the story and I love the love triangle (or square) between the twins, kyoya and Sakuya :D
9/3/2011 c18 Kaizuko
Just finished Reading your story so far! Sure kept me occupied for a few ( like 6) hours

Great Story so far Sakuya is an awesome character! I couldn't stop loling during the most recent chapter XDDD It was just too funny hahah!

Update soon please I'm really looking forward to the next chapter!
6/23/2011 c17 BeautifulPichu
Nice story!

I love it!

10/13/2010 c15 1Takara Rose Oizumi
I LOVE this story!
10/12/2010 c15 5Aurora-16
yay you updated! i love updates! and this one was amazing! very very very good job. yes, it was sad but awesome as well! awww kaoru is such a sweetie, but i liek hikaru better. teehee loved the ending! anyways, i cant wait for more and cyber icecream cake tio you!
10/12/2010 c15 2FrostFlower19
u were right about it being sad at first but the ending was hilarious! lol hope u update soon!
8/1/2010 c13 CakesInTheSummer
=D ohhh~~

i just noticed, if ryan didn't take sakuya's first kiss, would she has techenaly given her first kiss to chika? or does a kiss on the cheek count?

hummmmm... any whooooo~~

can't wait to read more!

keep it up!
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