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for Deja Vu

3/30/2012 c3 AzazelLuciferDeathCrowley
keep Deja Vu up plz i really love it
9/4/2011 c4 NaKita27791
Please update! I want to know what happens next! =)
11/22/2010 c4 hidden Drow
brilliant... all of it. just briliant! "Boo! I look like shit, who? Why you!" Then walked forward and leaned on the wall, and smiled widely at them. "So… Anyone here see the game last week?"
6/18/2010 c2 6Carlough
Um, I'm a little confused here. Logan and Victor both obviously know each other, but you just had Logan beat up Sabertooth in the last chapter. You do realize that Victor Creed IS Sabertooth, right? So that really makes no sense, Logan off to find Victor after he, in a way, just fought him.
4/18/2010 c3 58TheologyDiscography
Nice. That's interesting. Kind of throws everything I know about the storyline out the window, but hey, it was good.
4/3/2010 c3 forgot-my-password
awesome, just awesome... but not as awsome as siting in a theater watching "Alice in Wonderland" for the third time making coments the whole time forceing the bald guy infront to move and stare at us...
3/4/2010 c3 expat19
Interesting. Please write more soon.
2/12/2010 c2 expat19
Cool, why are the x-men trying to catch them? Please write more soon.
1/28/2010 c2 3Invader Kit Membrain
please continue
1/14/2010 c2 7Knyghtshade
Yay you made the three of them semi comrades! I love it when they don't all hate each other.
12/5/2009 c2 hidden Drow
you have an intresing story on your hands, but i advise you (A) add more detail, (this is what i annoy "Jedi totallyNsane" with you ask, if ya need prove


(B) give a little more intoduction, set the sean up. yes i am aware that you ere writing at 2am but come on... you can do better

*btw, i get very picky when it comes to reviwing at times, sorry if i was critical!*
11/23/2009 c1 hidden Drow
... thats briliant! i love it! but one question... will Wolverine fight against the X-Men?
11/22/2009 c1 28Kairan1979
So in this story Wolverine is going to fight against X-Men?

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