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for La Noche Triste

12/29/2011 c1 31Moonlight Music Mistress
Ah! I hope you update soon! Except haven't in two years. :(
1/21/2010 c2 31ariadne-chan
dark indeed! quite a read actually..

i'm sorry for being mundane, dear, but this is a VERY different take on the pairing. ^-^ one that is both very realistic and completely believable, though. ^-^

i have to say, the details are both vivid and moving, not to mention adequately screened..the turn the story could very well be elaborated on. ^-^ i sometimes can't comprehend how you write so well. wonderfully dark and well-worded...i love it. ^-^


1/15/2010 c2 1PrayerSenshi
i really like this
12/26/2009 c2 13Akari Konpeki
this story is great, it made me scared just a little though.

i too get scared so easily, i guess it's normal ^_^

Please update soon ^_^ I'll be waiting
12/25/2009 c2 3jervaulx
please update soon...

the story's interesting
11/23/2009 c1 31ariadne-chan
ta, i rarely come across horror stories, and for a 'prologue' i find this quite interesting. ^-^ sorry for the really short review, but i'm watching shining inheritance. nyahaha! you'd hear from me again. ^-^
11/22/2009 c1 13Akari Konpeki
pleeaasse continue the story, even though i hate horror stories as long as kahoko and len are involved i'll read it -_-

i want to know the rest! i'm curious hehehe

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