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6/7/2020 c36 Guest
Aah, sweet nothings in French...(swoon).
4/30/2020 c54 5midnightsunfish
I thought overall this was a very well written story! For the majority of the chapters I could not stop reading. One minor constructive criticism though. I didn't think there was enough conflict with the children. What I mean by that is that it got a little dry after awhile. Yes there was the minor conflict with the Vulcans showing up at T'Pau's house but it seemed like it was too easily deflected. I would have like to see more conflict but like I said overall a very well written story!
3/28/2018 c1 Shyk12
I have read this entire story twice...and I love it! Sometimes you just wants some fluff
12/30/2017 c54 23Uhura the 9th
OH KAY! You got with the twins! boy they showed everybody even melted T'Pau's heart! They told her the truth and sensed her thoughts,those crazy Vulcans couldn't figure out how intelligent Spock was, they really abused him. I really liked your story line, even how you changed Spock Prime perspective. Enjoyed the reading.
12/22/2017 c54 Trista 3
I read all 54 chapters and I honestly loved this story! I was so sad when Greg died I thought he would have been rescued as Fails, Suval and Amanda was rescued. Happy that Nia found live again with Suval even thought I was concerned about Suval feelings for her, I thought maybe he still wanted Gaila. But, after his pon Farr and his son I knew he loved and wanted Nia. The only disappoint I have us with soo much of Amanda, it was really tiring of reading the "perfect" relationship of her and Sarek. I really dislike stories of how hard marriage can be for Spock and Nyota but with Sarek and Amanda it is perfect. Amanda really took over the story which I really dislike. I wanted more of Spock, Nyota and children even Tpau and Nia was refreshing. This overall is phenomenal! I really loved reading this! You are an exceptional writer!
10/24/2017 c29 whirlingskirts
smiling and smiling!
10/24/2017 c27 whirlingskirts
Okay. Just gotta say all this is so fluffy sweet I think I'm getting tooth decay - and I love it. I don't think I thought there could really be a story where everyone was happy - without angst. Thanks for spinning a vision of happy life. How restful!
5/1/2017 c54 Guest
I've always loved your Star Wars writings ... now I'm starting on your Star Trek works. Loved the original pairings, characters and story lines. I only hoped for more drama in it (other than the destruction on Vulcan near the end). I thought Christine Chapel would be a stalker / kidnapped, then I thought the Vulcan Science Council would take the twins. I'm a Drama Queen :) Great Story ... very sexy & romantic.
3/11/2017 c53 Dutyfree
Wow... I’ve become so invested in your versions of all these characters and I’m so glad, everyone is getting some kind of closure. I also want to give you props for doing such a subtle AU. Like, I get to enjoy Spock and uhura’s story from a different perspective while still incorporating star fleet, and all the original characters in their original roles. I’m glad I got to see their relationship grow without the illicity of the student/teacher dynamic. I’m also curious to see Spock as captain. Please do another one of these fluffy, multi-chapter fics (perhaps in a different AU), when you get the chance. This was so fun to read! :)
3/11/2017 c52 Dutyfree
“Sir, I cannot live your life, as I am already living my own.” Brilliant.
3/11/2017 c50 Dutyfree
Aww, I’m sympathizing with Jim a bit more here. However, I had secretly hoped that the revelation that Spock and Uhura were married would have been a bigger scene (especially with Jim feeling jealous/incredulous lol), That would’ve been funny. Good job regardless
3/11/2017 c48 Dutyfree
Heartbreaking... This was also a smart way to allow Gaila to live (without too much ex machine), well done!
3/10/2017 c29 Dutyfree
Christine isn’t always my favorite character, but I love how you tied things up with her here (while still staying true to her infatuation with Spock), very mature. and I’m always a sucker for daddy- Spock lol
3/9/2017 c10 Dutyfree
Thanks for including the paternity test in the beginning. This would’ve gotten wayyy too angsty, if everyone had a reason to keep doubting Nyota’s veracity. Also, I love when tics hint at T’pau’s preference for Spock lol
3/9/2017 c9 Dutyfree
For once I’m actually grateful for how straight to the point Vulcans are lol. I love that Nyota has Nia and Gaila as her support system, and I’m actually glad that they did bring up all the possible ramifications (although, I don’t actually want any of those to actually happen). It’s so rare to find a multi-chapter fic that’s mainly fluff (...and M-rated), but I am definitely enjoying this. Also, to echo a previous commentor, I do believe that a cat fight between T’pring and Nyota would be a tad cartoonish (they are both grown women afterall), however, I appreciate that all the other characters seem to be aware of T’pring’s misdeeds (I wouldn’t want all the blame from their dissolved relationship to fall onto spock)
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