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for Encounter: The Judgement of Kudou Shinichi

2/2/2015 c2 GPX-2013
Is this continuing or not?

How about if you can two more Detective Conan/Magic Kaito x Touhou Project crossovers?

First one is about Shinichi/Conan and Kaito Kuroba was sent to Gensokyo by Yukari for some reason.

Second one is that Yukari decided to send the Touhou characters to Beika and Ekoda to help both Conan and Kaito.

In both versions, Yukari has watch both Shinichi and Kaito for quite a long time before Shinichi got drugged with the ATPX, and before Kaito becomes Kaito KID.
6/7/2014 c2 Guest
Please write more chapters!
4/7/2011 c2 Starx
This is a pretty cool story.
3/24/2011 c2 29Ciruno
Is this to be continued?
7/6/2010 c2 5wolfy1324
LOL, Sikieiki/Shikieiki lecturing Conan/Shinichi is the best~ Komachi and Sikieiki are two of my many favorite characters, and DC is awesome~

Made me laugh too
3/6/2010 c1 Rikdo
Keep this going because Sikieiki is one of my favorite characters in the Touhou series. I'll like to see if interacts with the other characters while judging the small detective.
12/30/2009 c2 5Cloudish
Wow, really interesting! I like.

I've never heard of the Touhou Project, but even so, this is a great story. It's funny that Conan is so irritated over being judged... but maybe it will help him. I mean, the only adult near by him (that knows he is Shinichi) is Agasa, and Agasa's not really the one to get on his case much over faults. He needs someone to get him in line, right? And that person would have to be Sikieiki! :)

Great job, please don't stop writing chapters!
12/5/2009 c2 Kevin no Jiken

This story is interesting so keep it going.

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