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6/26/2006 c10 blufraser
-Sigh- Ok, I felt bad only doing one review, and GAH, now I feel bad for going on and on! I CAN'T TAKE IT! This was so well written, so beautiful, so sad... I cried so much in the last chapter, and I usually never cry, but this was so well written, just, wow.. great job...
6/26/2006 c13 blufraser

Just..wow... I cried, I did.. This is the best fanfiction I have EVER read.. I havn't much else to say, I'm, I don't even know what word I could use, but it was great.
5/28/2006 c13 Ree Xx
hey definitely one of the best fan fics i have read, i really liked it. you've created and amazing creation! really nicely done!

4/19/2005 c1 Pandora
Hey friend! I couldn't help myself...I simply had to review your story all over again. I haven't read it in awhile, and I had this sudden urge to go back and read the whole thing. Dilly is by far the most evil, kawaii, silver haired boy ever...well except for Inuyasha. But then again he isn't evil...but he does have silver hair, and he is pretty cute. *pauses tapping her head* But then again he doesn't have that sadistic smile...but he does have a cute smile that makes you melt...oh hell...IT'S A DRAW! *runs for the hills*
4/4/2005 c1 20TakaShira
really really cool story, & I have a question to ask.

In the future I wish to create a story about Dilandau in an alternate universe where he is well quite plainly, a girl, not a gender confused let's all switch back & forth one, simply a girl a full blooded fully emotionally functional one at that, well as emotional as he/she can be.

The thing is though I need to change his name into the more feminine version of Dilandra. As that is your own pen name I figured I had best ask permission rather then risk being accused of plaigerism again.

If the answer is no, that is fine and dandy you have the right, plus it crosses on of my future stories off of the list & I will only have some 15 or something instead of 16, so really you'd be doing me a favor but I thought that it would be a really cool story.

Anyways please reply through email or if you read my fics through review. I do hope you will agree, I'll give you credit of course, but I really do think that it would be an interesting story, when I get around to it anyway.

Thanks & once again great story!
7/9/2004 c1 2Adversity-X
AH i'm such a wimp I kinda cried then my sis came in(SHIT!)and I told her to fuck off, yes I know it's not very nice but OH never mind! I loved it, and I felt sorry for everyone especially Eric, though I didn't really like Freid's King and co. *Starts sobbing again* Poor Viole *sob sniff* I didn't really like celena in this fic, she was ruining it I think. (sister comes in and gives her some cookies, they are scoffed down and she runs downsairs for some more)
11/23/2003 c13 11VenusDeOmnipotent
damn. thats all i have to say. its fuckin good...
6/30/2003 c1 Eboni
I can't believe I almost didn't read this story. This has to be the best story with original characters that I actually liked. Someone has finally written a story with a female original character with romantic hints that I liked lol. (And I even liked the girl!) Great story, I'm glad I found it :)
10/25/2002 c13 Meg
I love this story! I think it's beautiful. The ending nearly made me cry! You're a very talented writer.
10/16/2002 c13 bakaneko7
My God! You are an excellent and incredibly creative writer! What an outstanding job you hav done with this... original, unique, angsty, as another reviewer said.. fluffy without the fluff! I like the whole thing... how she proved herself, how their relationship was gradual and intricate, not a ohmygodhe'shotithinkilovehim' leap right in kinda thing... those irritate me, Love is used to lightly sometimes ;p the end was so emotional and gut-wrenching... amazing job Dilandra! Super duper coool... waiiii! Sugoi-yo! *dances about madly* The very end/epilogue was very good as well, a pleasant, if depressing, ending to the story! Kind of wrapped it all up for me.. although I wouldn't mind getting a couple afterthoughts/deep insight from Dilly concerning his lost chance at love.. his need to remain stoic/insane/strong in order to conquer and remain in control of himself... I do pity Celena, but damn... what an underhanded method of winning a war... she must have picked that up from our beloved Dilly-sama.. *snicker* Great wonderful amazing... I originally came to your stories page to quell my need for more of your peter pan fic... and it's almost midnight... da#n! How do i get so wrapped up in stuff... obviously your fic was good enough to enrapture me... so write more for your loyal readers and finish The one with Mary and Trace..er.. peter.. heh...

Oyasumi nasaiiii!

10/14/2002 c2 4burned flamer
Kind of... fluffy without... the fluff. I forgot about the kissing, unless this was an extra that was added when you edited your story. Hm, I'm not exactly that great with remembering, but I'm pretty sure this wasn't here before... unless I'm just a fool with memory loss. Still like it. Still good. But I have to save the other chapters for my rainy days, like I said.

God. Why am I trying to kill myself with suspense?
9/10/2002 c1 chichirui
Heyloo! I've read this fic before but just wanted to let you know that you and your story are on my favorites lists ^^ Write more of your great fics soon, ne?

~Da burritoooooooooooo!
9/9/2002 c1 burned flamer
Ha. Longer more fluid chapter than the original one. Still looks good, but I've got to save the other chapters for my rainy days, man.

Since you haven't written anything for Blood Brothers yet, I decided to review this story very slowly. I'll read each chapter in this fic with a morbid slowness, and hopefully, by the time I'm finished, you'll have a new chapter for me in Blood Brothers.

[gulp] Did I just say 'for me' again?
8/20/2002 c13 Sesshoumarusgirl
See, I read this a while back, and I would like to tell you during that three day time (I read it all in 3 days!)this story was (what I like to call) my "new" $***. I am dead serious (did I spell that right? *sweatdrop*)this fic was so good, in some parts it had my talking to myself (looks around at people staring..WHAT?). For thoughs who know my fic reading habits, if I push away from the computer and yell in a LOUD voice "OH_HECHY_NAW/ OH_NO_HE/SHE_DIDN'T or just poorly suppress insane *and disturbing to myself as well as others* laghter as I place my index fingers in a cross shape over the computer screen, then what I am reading must be one hellofa fic! (did I spell that right? *sweatdrop* ^_-!
8/18/2002 c13 Green Devil
That was such a beautiful story!I loved it!But what happened to Dilandau in the end?I would really like to know.I loved tjis story!^_^!
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