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for A Feudal Christmas Tale

7/26/2013 c7 Guest
"I do. But you know what else I love."

"What's that?" In his mind he was hoping she would say his name.

"You", she said shortly but clearly.

Me: But that's not Inuyasha's name!
7/10/2011 c7 3ChojiSanity
It was realy funny xD update soon.
1/11/2010 c7 MoMoMo2222233334444
Where's part two? This is too good to stop!
1/2/2010 c7 2LiliesOnPluto
Oh my gosh. Cutest fanfic ever!
12/25/2009 c7 2SinisisterGinny
YAY! so awesomely sweet...i loved it...Kay comercialness and all:)
12/25/2009 c7 58Sweet Possum
Great story! it was really funny and really...well...just perfect! inuyasha was so cute and i loved the part where kagome fell into his arms. and the perfect ending! yay! good story! Merry Christmas!
12/25/2009 c4 Sweet Possum
ha, i know what she was going to say.
12/25/2009 c7 4Lily-chan818
Hehe! Cute! I loved the ending of the chap ^_^ , and I hope your Christmas was great! Merry Christmas! Lol.

12/24/2009 c3 58Sweet Possum
good chapter! aww..i think inuyasha is really growing up..he actually didn't get mad at kagome for dropping those boxes on him.
12/24/2009 c7 1conan-inuyasha
it was so good i can't wait for the next chappy to find out what happens next.
12/24/2009 c2 58Sweet Possum
lol. aww...inuyasha's first Christmas..this is gonna be cute...hehe...
12/24/2009 c1 Sweet Possum
haha, i loved the last thing he asked. good so far!
12/23/2009 c5 4Lily-chan818
Hehe! That was funny, and nice use of Sango and Miroku. Lol!

12/23/2009 c5 3dream-air
12/23/2009 c5 boo
hey awesome chap ooh who gwets caught under the mitletoe?
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