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3/10/2010 c4 I'm Not Writning Anymore
Hope you get well soon AAM! broken hands suck.
3/9/2010 c4 12surfgirl1
well at least you ahve an interesting story to tell! how you get better soon!
2/8/2010 c2 Yessenia
I love all of your stories and am so eager to read the next chapter to this one...can't wait for the me t update:):):):)
2/3/2010 c2 2Annie.Bannanie

yeah fucking unicorns, thts how serious i am right now, and not just any unicorns but unicorns from edward fucking cullen! haha(i rele hope u r at tht part in WA so u actually understand my ranting haha)

that was brilliant! like you must update soon or I will go insane!

i forgot how much i loved this story!

omg i am rele excited for eddies point of view!

u must type fast! like ligit i am in love with this story!

u again amaze me with ur awesomeness!

luv ya cyber sis♥


2/2/2010 c2 1Sparkly Tutu as my Fairy
great gurl, i luvd it. u betr update soon!


Haley Babe
2/2/2010 c2 the silver mew mew
2/1/2010 c2 Pounce21
Thanks for updating. I am very curious to hear Edwards point of view. Please update again soon!
2/1/2010 c1 Sparkly Tutu as my Fairy
oh my god Ella Babe its fab like u! xoxo update or i kill u, gurl.

Haley Babe
1/25/2010 c1 the silver mew mew
luv it
1/25/2010 c1 doves1993
Very interesting. Can't wait to see where this goes.
12/15/2009 c1 Pounce21
This was a good first chapter. I am very interested in reading more. Please update again soon!
12/11/2009 c1 4Window.Of.Dreams
OMG! grt stry! oh nd thts so coll my sister is also a naruto fan well...a narusaku fan as she calls it but COOL!
11/27/2009 c1 2Annie.Bannanie
aw thanks for the shout out! im def feeling the love haha

and oh.my.god.


you are such a good writer its insane! like seriously i could never do that!

like the love and the sadness all in one was just amazing! and the anguish she saw in his eyes! omg im at a loss for words!

all i have to say is= it was epic!

and now i can not wait for the next chapter!

luv ya, type fast♥

11/25/2009 c1 36CryingAngel95
amazing as always sis love from your adoring sister

Paula Heather Jade Rose x

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