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for Bound by a Similar Destiny

3/19 c26 11GRX3m0m
I was actually expecting Izzy to figure out part of the code was his, since you mentioned once that 'that someone' taught themselves code through him.

Gotta admit, the misleading movie paragraph, as well as the conversation about the genre was brilliant and funny.
2/11 c26 Shel21
I hope for more chapters, it's incredible!
2/11 c21 Shel21
This is so intriguing!
2/11 c16 Shel21
I love their teamwork, it was epic :)
2/11 c15 Shel21
I wonder when the parents are going to find out
2/11 c13 Shel21
It was an amazing chapter :)
2/11 c11 Shel21
I love Gatomon so much
2/11 c8 Shel21
I can't wait for them to meet again :)
2/11 c7 Shel21
So many rifts, I wonder why..
2/11 c6 Shel21
This is so good
2/11 c5 Shel21
Takuya is so cute when he is being teased
2/11 c4 Shel21
It was a great chapter!
2/11 c3 Shel21
Love it!
2/11 c2 Shel21
Ohh so they are their parents, I love the idea!
2/11 c1 Shel21
A great start!
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