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9/20/2015 c1 13heredia
there is no way his brothers would let him to such terrible fate like being fucktoy of that slut cissnei
7/27/2013 c6 Michelle R
i really enjoyed reading this and i honestly do hope you decide to continue this series
1/3/2013 c2 7Louie001
Hi! This was posted long ago... but I really want to say I love your concept of Genesis not dying. I haven't read that before. It's quite unique. Your story is starting really well, but I have the feeling you are no longer working on this?
9/18/2011 c5 40FullMentalPanic
I can't really see Zack consenting to the cross-dressing scheme. It seems like he's laugh at the idea then just physically bust down the door or sneak in all his masculine glory. 'What happened to the sweet, innocent, flower girl that Zack constantly talked about?' Yeah! I highly approve of Genesis knocking Corneo out, why didn't anyone else do that?
9/18/2011 c4 FullMentalPanic
I actually like the 'angry Aerith' tack. Having her get genuinely and thoroughly angry at Shinra is kind of new, and not without basis. Zack actually does have a lot of confidence in other people, so I guess it's plausible that he'd let Aerith fight if he thought she could handle it. Interesting extra bit of tension to have Elmyra all worried about telling Aerith that Zack was dead. I like how things change when it's Zack staying over and not Cloud, that Aerith's mom just tells Zack AND Aerith to get somewhere safe.
9/18/2011 c3 FullMentalPanic
Having Zack purposefully let go to get to Aerith was actually a nice touch. He's got a monopoly on falling through her ceiling again. Some very nice stuff with Genesis. Good bit where Shinra includes Genesis and Angeal in his list of the memorable SOLDIERs, allowed for a very satisfying moment when Genesis stepped out, and the dialogue between them was quite good. "(I chose to make the symbolism here similar to that of rouge ninja in Naruto)" I feel like 'asides' like these break up the flow of the story, and things would actually go more smoothly without them.

"Genesis said ominously while revealing his black wing and taking off." I can totally see Genesis just leaving without trying to help Aerith out of the vicinity. You did the scene between them very nicely, introduced that Genesis knew Zack in a subtle way, had Aerith pick up on it, then have Genesis make his cryptic comment about monsters without really answering the question. He would do something like that. Aerith and Zack! Yay!
9/7/2011 c2 FullMentalPanic
You're certainly moving things along quickly. Although I still wonder why no one has just drenched Zack in an elixir or cast cure on him, I do like the comment on hospitals, I can see Zack not really favoring them. I did wonder why no one used a phoenix down on Aerith, or Zack, or a potion on Biggs, Wedge, and Jessie too so I guess you could call that consistency ^_^.

"You're not going to let me know are you?" "Nope! Now can you please drag Cloud and me inside?" Although Zack may not tell the whole truth, he's very honest about it, that both amused me and impressed me with its character consistency. Loved that bit about Biggs being inconspicuous in Tifa's 'every day line up'. That's pretty much his role!

It's kind of funny how Tifa greets Zack also. He wasn't terribly important to her, so her being slightly unfazed by his reentry into the realm of the living worked. It also highlighted how differently she'll react when she sees someone she really loves, i.e. Cloud. It's nice, and again kind of humorous, having Zack's completely straightforward summary of what's been going on. I like that he doesn't mention any of Genesis's weird world domination plans. It's like once Genesis is a good guy Zack forgets or just writes off anything bad Genesis did before that.

Barret is coming across as more refined in this fic than I usually see him portrayed. I actually like that though, it gives him more depth. Although I do think it wasn't necessarily brilliant of him to share his plan of reactor demolishing with people he didn't know that much about.

I can see Genesis being cool with taking down Shinra, but I think Zack would take a little more convincing just because he still has friends who work there even if it also has a strong concentration of people who would be willing to kill him. Really got a kick out of there being TWO SOLDIER First Class dudes on the team though.

That's actually a very intriguing touch to also have Zack's memory affected by whatever went down in the Shinra Manor basement. I don't know if I've seen anyone do that before. It's actually a plausible reason for putting off the Aerith/Zack reunion. I like it when people put it off for good reasons and am equally livid when they do it sloppily.
9/1/2011 c1 FullMentalPanic
I actually thought a lot about this happening; Genesis recovering enough to come and help Zack out. I'm really glad you decided to go somewhere with that train of thought. "...even a single SOLDIER 1st Class would be hard pressed in a battle like this. Perhaps a second one will even the odds a little." I liked this line. The ending is actually amusing. What's to stop Genesis from casting cure now?
7/26/2011 c6 toolazytologin
Pllleeeeease continue this one, I'm looking forward to the next chapter so much! I absolutely love this story.
6/6/2011 c6 11archsage328
nice job so far! i wonder what sort of effect zack and genesis will have on those who join later on
7/19/2010 c6 1Byakurai Namikaze
awesome story.
7/9/2010 c6 10victoria92179
I would' mind if Genesis read LOVELESS to me, but I'll review anyway :)

I like how you fit Genesis into this story. It was very creative. I loled when Marlene called Zack "Spiky-Sword man". Nice cliffhanger btw, I can't wait for the next chapter!
6/9/2010 c1 2AceNamikaze
For the record, I agree with almost everything you said on your profile.

Now, i will be keeping up with this story, but seeing as my graduation is 2morrow, and I won't be back in school EVER (Not including college) I probably won't be able to read it for a while. As of now, I have a lot of stuff to take care of.

Alright, this fic has already started out nice, and finally, a Crisis Core fic that doesn't involve Zack in a yaoi! (I personally don't like Aeris, with an s, because of things that went down in FFVII, but I tolerate her because she's not as annoying as Sakura.)

I beat Crisis Core a while ago, so it's nice to read something like this plus the concept is very creative. I wonder how would it be if Angeal had survived too now. I like this man, and I promise to review again, hopefully during the summer.
4/2/2010 c6 1SteelyBlur
Sewer muck on Cloud and Zack? Ha!
4/2/2010 c6 6Fair Sword Maiden
Yay! You're out of the writer's blcok! I'm glad to see that you're back!

I can tell that you've worked on your dialogue, because it was excellent in this chapter!

Your hard work paid off, because this was a really cool chapter. Your action scenes were written well, and I could picture them perfectly.

But, constructive criticism time. here's another thing that drives me nuts: using number abbreviations. I.E. "the group of 4." AH! please write out the word! it's just a good rule of thumb.

Oh, and I know how you feel. Writing and deleting and writing and deleting. yeah, been there done that. It sucks. But, such is the journey of an author.

God Bless,

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