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for A Garment of Brightness

10h c77 mysticfighter111
If she can't have him in life, she'll join him in death. Can't he see?
17h c77 Rosemarie28
17h c77 29Rebadams7
Shall we wear
Garments of sun
As we ride the wind
Together we rise
Meadow turned blue
Combine all our sighs
2/28 c77 helenemc
Beautiful written!
2/28 c77 pnkats
This was so hard to read. It’s so heartbreaking and sad.
Hoping all is not lost.

What exactly did he mean when he said - If I had lived … even … even if I'd somehow lived to know you as a tiny child … you would have DIED. Last year.
2/28 c77 thmmais
Wow, it’s coming to an end… I don’t know if I’m ready for that
2/28 c77 GottaLoveFanFiction
1 week. Come on Bella. Make magic happen.
2/28 c77 Momma Laura
So, a tribute to The Princess Bride. They are able to pass the boundaries of life/death, also. The Pit of Despair, being "almost" dead, etc. Gives me hope for Edward and Bella. Will her magic bring them together by the anniversary? One can only hope.
2/28 c77 biblepam
Thanks for the update. Sad times.
2/28 c77 GorGirl
I hope her magical cloak will carry them together.
2/28 c77 20Maplestyle
I have a feeling this may not end well and I am getting scared o-o
2/25 c76 CindyWindy1
I needed the light and beauty of the description of the gauzy pink dress. Because my heart hurts. For Bella, for Charlie... and for Edward too, wherever he may be.
2/24 c76 0richierich0
I've got to say that these last several chapters have felt like a dark, grim holding pattern. It feels like every character is on suicide watch for Bella. That summary by the guidance councilor was a nice touch. Very professional. And it all started with that damn feather that has sent Bella off on this mad plan. The idea that she's going to finish her plan with Charlie's fishing knife is the kicker here. That one sentence has dominated these last several chapters and has made me physically uncomfortable just reading them. I'm mostly convinced that Edward is really visiting her, but Bella apparently isn't aware of this as she is still bent on this scheme to "bring them back". And Edward hasn't caught on. Or has Alice told him of the danger and his visits are a desperate attempt to change her visions? Going by the early part of the story where they contemplated killing Bella, your Cullens feel a bit darker and more desperate. Probably more realistic, given their circumstances. I can't see a happy ending For Charlie and Renee, and Bella's chances for one depend upon Edward showing up to save her. And I THINK Edward is visiting her, but as I said once before, you really make me work sometimes. Best possible outcome? Bella enacts her Dark Plan and Edward Turns her to save her. Worst outcome is that poor Bella really is Batshit craze here and pulls a Julliette to Edward's Romeo. Not fishing for answers, just thinking. And thanks again.
2/24 c76 mysticfighter111
There is no light in her life at the moment, but the dress the colour of dawn sits in her closet right beside her beautiful cloth. Here's hope that the prince will come for the girl in the pretty Cinderella-shoes.
2/23 c76 GorGirl
Her dress sounds lovely. Will she really go to prom?
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