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11/13/2010 c3 3notimari
KAGE! I was just looking through new stories, and I saw your name...if you're not the Kage that I'm thinking sorry n_n;; It's Autumn! Btw, I love this so much!
7/31/2010 c17 4mizchelz
The blog's a really good idea...Oh, and I really liked this chapter, I've been waiting to read something about chapter 81! maybe I'll even write something for their first date...
7/28/2010 c17 30cookie-pocky-strawberry-love
cool thing about the blog :D and aawwww i totally loved it as always :D

~ Love Kazumi
5/23/2010 c16 cookie-pocky-strawberry-love
OMG this is from vol. 12 right?
5/23/2010 c15 cookie-pocky-strawberry-love
aaaawwww thats so mature and understanding of hikaru :)
4/18/2010 c13 cookie-pocky-strawberry-love
OMG i havent read this far in the manga so i kinda have like NO clue about whats going on but it sounds really good and i cant wait to read it!
4/18/2010 c5 cookie-pocky-strawberry-love
hhahhahahahahhahahahahaha thats hilarious! haruhis like the one and only girl who cant multitask! although in this situation its actually a good thing!
4/18/2010 c3 cookie-pocky-strawberry-love
OMG this is really really awesome! the beggining made me laugh :)
4/18/2010 c2 cookie-pocky-strawberry-love
poor tamaki cant even say IT to himself
4/18/2010 c1 cookie-pocky-strawberry-love
WOW really good!
3/7/2010 c4 8Rainie Liu

E i love your poems! Please keep writing!
1/23/2010 c3 22Ai Usagi
Aw! Good job! I enjoy your style of writing very much, keep up the good work!

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