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for The Transformation of Lukas Farber

4/28/2018 c41 4TehAngryXeno
Daaamnnn, why’d you have to kill off the main character? XD Great story man, 10/10
4/28/2018 c40 TehAngryXeno
Alan, you bitch...
4/26/2018 c24 TehAngryXeno
Oh that’s nasty...lol
4/25/2018 c20 TehAngryXeno
This has been bugging me a lot, as this is a simple error I have been noticing, but in the movie, Wikus and some others, when mentioning District 10, they all say it is 200 kilometers away, not 200 miles. You keep saying 200 miles in here and I am telling you now, that 200 kilometers is a MUCH lesser distance than 200 miles. In fact, 200 kilometers, is equivalent to 124.274 miles. I had to point this out, but this story is fucking amazing.
4/25/2018 c16 TehAngryXeno
Damn good thing she did come along
4/25/2018 c15 TehAngryXeno
Awwwee, so cuute
4/24/2018 c11 TehAngryXeno
And awwweee, the romanticism at the end got me good <3
4/24/2018 c11 TehAngryXeno
The question of, “Did God create the Poleepkwa?” is a very interesting question indeed.
3/12/2017 c6 Sarah
Omg, someone actually wrote me into a story. Seriously, my name is Sarah and I am just like that.
9/17/2011 c1 3technoWriter15
4/23/2010 c41 20Dunedain ranger of the north
At least Lukas got to see his family one more time, before he died. Its sad really, how stuff like this actually happens in real life, except for the alien part, where a person is forced to be on the run when they are really innocent and they have to stay away from anyone that they know. This was a great story, you stayed with the plot, had great characters, and heart touching moments. If I could rate this story, I would give you five stars! You did good, real good!-Dunedain Ranger of the North
4/22/2010 c41 OMGeeezers

Any thoughts about writing a sequel?
4/16/2010 c40 11Alexis Feynman
o_0 This chapter REALLY turned me on.

Anyway, it's no surprise you can't figure out how to end it. Endings tend to turn off depressing when you KILL EVERYBODY.
4/8/2010 c38 Sturmblut
Aww, man. You just killed my favourite character...

I know since the ending of "Loving the Alien", that you don't care about happy endings, but it still sucks...
4/8/2010 c38 Alexis Feynman
Okay, dude. Time for a refresher course on Internet fanfics.

Lesson 1: When you post your 'fics to the Internet, you are posting them for the entertainment for others.

Lesson 2: People are not generally entertained when you kill off their favorite ships.

Now I know that your first loyalty is to yourself, you're writing the fic for your own enjoyment, etc., but when you're posting stuff on the Internet it is vital that you take into account the likely impression that your story is going to make on your readers. And while I know that this story is supposed to be realistic, and loads of people die in reality, an important part of good storytelling is to dodge reality enough to make the tale enjoyable. When you kill off every character who seems to have any shot at happiness in the future - unless you're writing a zombie apocalypse or other massacre story - it makes the entire exercise kind of pointless.

This is incredibly irritating. I'm not even sure at this point if it's worth continuing reading the story, because clearly every time I get attached to a character they're going to go off and die. Except Lukas, probably, and I don't even like him that much because he's kind of an idiot.

You get points for the snazzy Boromir-style death, though.
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