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8/31/2014 c1 Faith
Ewww Nasty naru spit tea? Why did she swallow (I guess If you like him you don't wanna make me feel bad huh?) still she betta go get some mouth wash up in the mouth of hers! Lol geez I read that and was like "nasty naru! Ewwwwww! Mai you drank it? It had his spit in it and was in his mouth! It was his tea! Gross!" I'm so immature and I'm such a baby lol what do I think French kissing is? It's kinda like that but you know I guess grosser in a way so I'm just a baby lol
6/23/2010 c1 16sakura2112
that's really cute. huh funny how i have both of those songs on my ipod
12/8/2009 c1 5xxAngelicDreams
Nice! :) I like it! It seems like a unique story to me, since most of the times there are horror stories being written on FF for Ghost Hunt. Great job! Keep writing! :)

Love the plot. But I can't seem to imagine Naru and Lin dancing. *Imagines and starts laughing* But the fact, that you made them dance was awesome!
12/6/2009 c1 AstigzBFF07
woW! niCe!
12/3/2009 c1 SuperGalshelbyGene
this is so KAWAII! so cute.. wish there is still more... Ghost hunt is really THE BEST! great story!
11/30/2009 c1 23Prats 'R' Us
ha I like the trading tea part =) Lin and Naru dancing! *GASP* actually I could see Lin and Madoka doing the tango =P
11/30/2009 c1 3glamourruomalg
this is good, but I am wondering- is Yasuhara going with a girl or a boy since the name is ichigo?

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