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10/31/2012 c13 1harronhermy
ARE YOU SERIOUS? I was really hoping for a happy ending. :/
10/31/2012 c11 harronhermy
I truly enjoy this story. It's not like the others where everything magically falls into place, and I respect that. I did jut notice that you haven't updated in almost a year, though. xD
10/31/2012 c5 harronhermy
I really like this a lot so far! Jenny's not Mary-Sue like a lot of the other characters in Josh/OC fics. I'll keep reading and reviewing. (:
8/3/2012 c13 2NatWolfgang483
Omg the ending made me cry :'( This was an awesome fic. great job :) xx
12/20/2011 c13 41Hey Missy
beautiful yet so sad...
12/16/2011 c13 Guest
that was a very bad ending.
4/6/2011 c12 ILoveTheBoyWithBread
love this story update soon please
1/12/2011 c12 Jade D
BEST EVER HAHA ;D need to know the ending! its going to be so good! xxx
12/9/2010 c9 1X.XjaddyX.X
Ahhhh i'm in love with this story its soo amazing, i wish i could write like you! well now you'd better hurry up and write more chapters! i bet people are waiting (including me com'on its more exciting than coro ;) lol i'm being serious tho, hurry up with the next bit cos its great! xxx
7/12/2010 c8 SilverUkami
It was... AWESOME!


I'm hooked, really, like a fish!

7/2/2010 c8 41Hey Missy
awwww so very cute...

update asap

4/12/2010 c7 Hey Missy
Josh is magical! *sigh*
2/19/2010 c6 Hey Missy
i like the way this flows.

update asap.

12/30/2009 c4 Hey Missy
aww Josh is so sweet...keep it going!

12/30/2009 c4 jade
awesome i love it very origional can't wait to see hre ending hurry and write it up luv jadee
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