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6/17 c15 ethereal.ph26
This is sooo good! By far the best setokisa fic I’ve ever read! I just love how you weave both the manga and anime canons in your own alternate universe. And though I’m personally not a fan of the 4kids version (especially the americanized names), I think you still keep enough of what’s important from the original anime that I can look past it. As another commenter said, canon Kaiba is definitely not a womanizer, and when he exhibits that trait in fics, I usually find it OOC. However, it does really work in this AU, because he’s already met Kisara when he was so young. Speaking of which, your Kisara is so delightful to read… The perfect mix of vulnerability and strength. She feels like a real, rounded-out character, which once again is sadly something I cannot say for most other setokisa fics…
And now we’re starting Battle City! So excited to see where it goes! (Or rather HOW it goes…)

I hope you’ll upload again, even though it seems like you started this project a while ago (and I just discovered it a few days ago. I know authors are people with real lives, so I’d totally get if you don’t have the time to write, or are just not interested anymore. But if you ever come back to this fic, please know that we would be ecstatic!

Best regards!

(Ps: this is my first time commenting in a fic, so I hope it wasn’t too weird…)
5/3 c15 2Red Wings
It's been too long since I've been into the Yu-Gi-Oh! series. I was pleasantly surprised by this update that I missed!

Huh, Battle City. Maybe I should rewatch this in the original Japanese w/English subs. Can't say I'm a fan of the English names of the Egyptian God monsters; WB did such a terrible job, why not stick to the actual names? I don't understand who ever came up with 'Slifer'. Saint Dragon of Osiris has a better appeal - has that majestic ring to it.

Hmhm, I don't play the video games, but you've managed to intertwine that canon with the anime. Was Kisara even in the YGO video game? Not that I have a problem with that. This is your story, and I'm liking the changes you're making for the sake of this fic.

Pegasus seems back to his self, and Kisara has healed and is about to leave for a new life...in Domino City, where Seto is pining away for her, not that he'll ever admit it aloud. I'll look forward to how this arc plays out. Thanks for the update!
4/27 c15 2wolfmizu
*squee* I am on the edge of my seat. more please!
3/14 c15 Guest
Love this story, great job. Looking forwards for more.
12/10/2020 c15 1springtony
i love this story i hope to see more
11/27/2020 c15 4Halogirl3000
All I can say is, thank you so much for this latest chapter! I've held on to this story for years in my favorites and that has paid off with this newest chapter(and paid off in all the previous chapters that I love to go back and re-read). I am excited to see your take on the Battle City Arc, and how you plan to weave Kisara into it. Your characterization of Kisara is the strongest I feel I have experienced outside canon, and has for years been my favorite depiction of her that I have ever read. She has so many dimensions to her character in the way you write, and how you depict her chemistry and connection to Seto in this story is amazing to experience. But she stands on her own as well, showing both strength and vulnerability where she needs to in her character to be well rounded, and that is a credit to the excellent way you portray her and illustrate her interactions with the Yugioh characters and story lines. As always, I will be patiently awaiting your next entry into this story, as your skillfully crafted tale deserves no less.
11/25/2020 c15 3GiselleVera
Me ha encantado!Te he extrañado!
Seto Kaiba ya piensa en cómo matar a su suegro!¡Él ya es todo un enamorado!
Pegasus es una diva, un padre...¿ y un casamentero?¿O será algo más?Pegasus es un padre estúpido, pero,de nuevo, no sabe que mandó a su hija a un evento de juego de cartas para niños que culminará en un globo terráqueo lleno de videntes, asesinos, y él loco de Marik ( quien está dando entradas VIP al Reino de las Sombras)
En muchas historias sobre Kisara hacen de ella una chica pobre y sencilla, tímida, frecuentemente ella también es huérfana. Me gusta que en tu historia Kisara tenga una familia y una vida antes de Kaiba.
11/16/2020 c15 Monshroud
Seto thinking about trying to seduce Ishizu? Goodness, I wonder how many women he's thrown himself at over the years in order to distract himself from thinking about Kisara, and if his meeting Kisara in the first place is what led to his wanton behavior in the later future.

Canon Seto isn't exactly a womanizer, and dare I say it, he's probably celibate by choice to avoid any physical "distractions" whatsoever so that he can focus all of his energy on his work.

THIS Seto on the other hand... well, it's a wonder he hasn't made a pass at Téa yet, though I suppose maybe she isn't really his type.
11/12/2020 c15 monsuno power
I apsolutely love this story. Kisara realy makes a nice addition to the group. Hope to read you soon.
11/9/2020 c15 104lalalei
Mokuba would totally be a Powerpuff Girls kid. gargoyles too. XD I bet Pegasus turned Seto off most cartoons, which is kinda sad. I love the whiplash of Kaiba and Ishizu's press conference and Kisara rocking out to the Backstreet Boys XD I TOTALLY thought Ishizu was a villain for a while when I first watched Battle City XD

I love love love the flashbacks to the Forbidden Memories stuff! Jono and Teana being there really threw kaiba for a loop, and Kisara's nightmare was so disquieting! Loved the battle in the Labyrinth, too, and Kaiba's reactions to the visions! I love Kisara's reaction to the Ultimate Dragon being destroyed, too, as well as Pegasus giving his blessing to go, and the other scattered hints and glimpses of their past lives intertwined with the present. man, i missed this story! x3
11/1/2020 c12 Monshroud
While I wish this story borrowed from the Manga and not just the anime, I must say that this is one of the absolute BEST Seto/Kisara fics I've ever read so far!

I wonder if Seto will realize one day that by creating Kaiba Land, he basically created a temple/shrine to his beloved, what with all the Blue Eyes White Dragon deco scattered about the place.

I also hope Kisara shows up at the Mutous eventually. Given how much Solomon lovingly treasured her card, her gift, it seems only fair.
12/21/2019 c1 peachices
The beauty and magic of your style of writing doesn't ever fail to take my breath away; for all the years that I've read and re-read this story over, it still leaves me deeply awed. The emotional groundwork of each chapter is so subtle, balanced and poetic in the midst of intense plot moments that I just fall into the flow of it effortlessly no matter how many times I've read it. But more than that is the respect you've given each of the characters; their thoughts and actions and what has driven them to a certain moment is one of the few nuanced examples of understanding storytelling I have come across in my time floating through this fandom.

My heart is truly captured by your characterisation of Kisara, a character so often pulled apart and lambasted by others as some sort of dupe for whom the shortcomings of the millennium arc fall onto. You've taken a finely-drawn brush and made detailed strokes to illuminate her as she was given in the series with an awareness of how to portray her; voice, thoughts and motivations. There's a common interpretation in stories where all her traits are hollowed out for something entirely different and distorted to fill out her characterisation, claiming to give her a "real" personality, projecting onto her as a blank slate . But she is not blank, and she does have a traits contrary to popular opinion. I think its a case of not grasping her intangible qualities, as they're not easily apparent and take subtlety to portray that requires not demanding all female characters be typically bad-ass strong women archetype to receive basic appreciation. It may be because she's given such fleeting (but nonetheless notable) story time that's connected a few degrees from the series' ever-favourite anti-hero that people still either deprecate her or argue all the ways she should've been to justify her as a character; there's always an alteration and criticism.
The enigma surrounding her is what drew me to her every scene and in this story you've managed to clarify and evoke that mystery without attempting to fill it up or explain everything. I love the respect and esteem you have given to her, the to different story arcs and the characters in them.
9/10/2018 c14 Waldi
Excellent work. I really hope you haven't abandoned this, I'm looking forward to an update!
11/10/2017 c14 Jademy
This is 8 years old, it's incredible. I'm glad you haven't abandoned it, but t will be hard to follow the sporadical updates. They are my favorite couple, and you've done a great job portraying their love. I love the idea that this love story goes through history, they always find each other, they always love each other, but do they always suffer the premature loss of their soulmate? I'd like to find out. Thank you for sharing!
11/3/2017 c2 21Dragontamer05
Love this idea. After rewatching the series it left me wondering what in the heck Seto was doing riding out in the middle of the night away from his village
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