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for Insanity As It Plays 2: It's Double Trouble!

10/4/2002 c1 kitt
*happy noise* A redheaded Rocketshipper who loves Jhonen? Who are you and why did you steal my identity? The fic is nummy, too.
2/12/2002 c2 Kikunot loged in
I didn't log in so that I can review this again. I finally read the last three chapters. Neko and Kiosuke are SOOO CUTE! Mmmm he sounds yummy too!

I just have one question. Where am I? I want to see the cracked out version of myself! Anyway. great job Neko! You da bomb!
2/2/2002 c6 Friendly Stalker too lazy to sign in
EEP! *glomps Neko-chan* You have to finish! I love it! *skips away*
1/30/2002 c1 3Kiku1
Yes it is I, Lacy, here to review your latest instalment. (Crowd cheers). So(deap breath)this story sucks, you suck, the whole thing sucks! (mischievous grin) Just kidding, this section rocks ass. You are so talented it makes me sick! (Sigh) I wish I could be like the great Bob. (Wimper) Not fair. Oh well, life goes on. Now I have done the whole read and review thing.

Your turn! (Points to you) Read and review my work! (Pause) NOW!

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