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for Red:Times II

1/6/2014 c19 amd5551
Okay, i have to agree with the other reviewers, the last chapters were SUPER sweet. marriage... pretty much happily ever after with a second child. Nice to know there is less hostility between marie and mercy regarding her pregnancy too :)

nice dramatic stories you got here. Remy and Olivier are ADORABLE, so much like each other that they had a bit of time to bicker. So cute, i love the last line "say cheese mom..."
11/23/2011 c19 1commando666
Very cute very funny
10/2/2011 c19 1Coco V.Monroe
Happy ever after... a realstic answer to the crap that disney feeds us. great job this story was more lovely and sweet then the black and i found that it was a needed transaction i wish there was another story before black, taking in your pattern of black and Red im going to guess that green should be the pre story. So excited to see that Oli is getting a little sister just like the books great job on this whole thing, there was enough pain and sadness yes,that was needed but the small breaks of light that came in followed by the clouds parting and things becoming clear to Rogue and Remy again was done unbelieably well! i'm just enjoying all your stories keep up the fine job!
10/2/2011 c18 Coco V.Monroe
Logan and Storm man i feel like they would have crazy sex! see how your supportive charcters make me wonder! lol Anyway back to Romy HOT thats all i got then bam! a nice ring please say yes Rogue YES YES YES ;) hahaha she already so good at saying that teheh
10/2/2011 c17 Coco V.Monroe
ALL I CAN SAY IS AWE! HOLY FREAKING COW CUTEST THING EVER the whole nine yards was in this chapter and i teared up in happniess
10/2/2011 c15 Coco V.Monroe
this time travling was a bit confusing at first but then i got it and liked it! its a unique ideal! the Lebeaus not liking Rogue a first but understandable Remy was all they had he was carrying them all and then a new chick comes and he changed for good.
10/2/2011 c11 Coco V.Monroe
haha the old people were epic! and i understand it all Remy now, but Rogue should have grown some balls and spoke up sooner! the kiss was the cake topper for me i for sure got carried away and even did a girly sigh. great job
10/2/2011 c10 Coco V.Monroe
OH MY! how tender go out with me awe it seems so neat the way you wrote it in very simple but meaningful
10/2/2011 c6 Coco V.Monroe
this whole chapter made me cry! so sweet JJ sounds like real spoiled kid but Remy and Oli moment oh my how cute. and the ending! the romy love is passionate great job
10/2/2011 c5 Coco V.Monroe
sneaky, sneaky Rogue got over taken by Remy! :)
10/2/2011 c4 Coco V.Monroe
see i thought Oli was older but having read the comic i remember how advanced he was for young kid, nice thatyou stuck to some of the orginal material
10/2/2011 c3 Coco V.Monroe
Oh kitty so funny with her bag of chips! and Remy is already all over Oli minds blood is ticker then water!
10/2/2011 c2 Coco V.Monroe
sneaky Rogue! but the passion of the Cajun will pervale! and OLI how freaking cute is he uh i want him! lol
10/2/2011 c1 Coco V.Monroe
off with bang! i knew Remy was the daddy and he has his eyes awe! nice touch naming the kid Oliver i take it you read genext or the end either way the kid is so cute!
6/17/2011 c19 jessivy16
this was such a cute story! you are an incredible author :)
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