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3/10/2010 c2 3Jazz E. Roisin
This chapter is a great addition to the first. It gives a good look into the fear Voldemort causes as well as Dale's mindset.

Kudos on an amazing chapter
1/9/2010 c1 campanula1979
Nice idea for a story so far. I am glad you made some clarifications, because I was going to comment on some things that I thought were strange. I guess one magical school in America is alright. Even though it is a large country space-wise, a few of the states have smaller populations than cities in the UK. Also, I am pretty sure it was mentioned in one of the books (although I can't remember which one and by whom) that the underage magic law starts when the children actually begin magical training (a time when they are able to control their powers). Still, it is a fuzzy concept since officials just assume that parents have their children under control from then on.

I can see why you would think that the British Ministry should have asked for help in canon, but then again look at the people who were in charge. First there was Fudge who was in denial about everything and basically fed his people to the dogs. Then there was Scrimgeour who kept focusing on the wrong things and the wrong people (don't they both sound like Bush to you?) I doubt America would have gotten involved immediately since it is not their war to begin with, but if you write it so that they are being threatened, then they have no reason not to fight.
1/2/2010 c1 Jazz E. Roisin
You set up Dale Franklin and his siblings with strong characters, which is good, especially since you are writing on original character.

Also underaged magic is any spell used when a witch or wizard is under 17 years of age.

", DUE to a particularly nasty possession by an insane ghost."

Kudos on an interesting chapter
12/5/2009 c1 10Dead Man Writing Is Dead
I have to admit, I read the summary and I immediately latched on. My thought is this: America...is friggin huge. Up here in New England you have the less traditional groups, while in the south, guns and religion have more emphasis. And then you have California. Which is just really California.

Also, if this is modeled off the muggle gov't, that doesn't make any sense for there to be one school. The education system is a reserved power which means that the states choose how they educate. This is why in New York I have to take the regents test every year in highschool, but this is not the case in many other states. Then you have more minor issues, like how certain states won't recognize other state credits. My AP English teacher once went to teach in either Illinois or Indiana, but they did not accept New York credits, so she would have had to have taken years of study all over again, but the New York credits WERE accepted in Michigan, and Michigan credits WERE accepted in Illinois/Indiana, so her friends advised her to use 'that back door' to not have to worry.

Also, as a more minor note, you would have the kids who grew up in Salt Lake City with the kids who grew up in San Francisco, and the kids who grew up in Bismark with the kids who grew up in New York City. Although, this is the 90s, so some political issues and technology might not be as prevalent then as it is now.

However, pondering aside, this has definitely piqued my interests.

May the values dissonance BEGIN.

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