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7/28/2019 c2 DUNCNEY forever
I know that this is late but please please carry on with the story
7/6/2015 c2 Guest
more please
8/3/2014 c2 Srqabc
This is really good so far! I just hope there's more DxC action later in the story!
11/29/2013 c1 Guest
Please update and continue this story! It's been almost 4 years! :'(
11/1/2012 c2 3chica13
No update. In 2 YEARS!
10/24/2010 c2 3MonkeiLover03
I am VERY interested to see where this is going.Please continue!
3/21/2010 c2 29Alexex
ha, I knew Duncan was an awesome actor! I bet he needs the marker to write his digits on Courtney's stomach. ;)
3/15/2010 c2 16TheSocialLoner
Lol I love Duncan's dancing skills!
3/15/2010 c1 TheSocialLoner
This so reminds me of how me and one of my guy friends have been acting ever since he found I liked him and he started dating my best friend :( I like it though.
2/14/2010 c2 7numbuh 422
I'm interested so get with the writing!
2/7/2010 c2 81Kagome-Inu5
Lol! I bet Duncan's planning to write something like "Mine." on Courtney's forehead. XDD That would be so awesome. Update soon!
1/27/2010 c2 CarmillaD
Wii, the chapter's up! You did a fantastic job describing Duncan's thoughts, they felt completely in-character. His interaction with the other campers and their behavior were just like it could've been in the show too. I mean, I can even imagine Duncan doing all kind of nonsensical but funny things to make Beth believe she's dreaming really happening XD. Of course, the narrative was great ^ 3 ^. Please, continue soon
1/27/2010 c2 7CC the Bug
LOL! I can't imagine Duncan doing that! LOL!
1/25/2010 c2 Starlightx7
Amazing story!

Plus, I totally agree with what you said about TDA. It was so screwed up...

I'll be waiting for the next chapter! ;D
1/25/2010 c2 InnerNinjaInsideOfYou
i get with how there is no fun in TDA it makes me sad first season was sweet and more about the people but second is hm well more about the competition,everyone was mean and stuff,i lik the story though..very interesting keep writing xD
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