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for The CSI Slayer

3/8/2013 c10 nonna99
Love your story so far, please update soon.
12/17/2012 c10 olliebella
aww this is great . please continue xx
7/18/2012 c10 fearpanic
love it cant wait to see what happens when everyone is training together
5/28/2012 c9 76Sarra Torrens
Awesome Chapter!
4/23/2012 c8 Sarra Torrens
Awe man poor Dawnie! Making fun of her, hope Wolfe can make it out alive, and try not to get killed! And if he ever hurts her oooh boy!

He'll have not only two angry CSI's but he'll have an angry anthropologist and two angry sisters and an Angry Slayer and Witch are not fun to deal with! Let me tell you!
3/19/2011 c7 Sarra Torrens
*falls over* You posted! YES! Great job! *pleads* More?
11/19/2010 c6 Sarra Torrens
:jaw drops: You actually put up a chapter that totally works? AND romantic hints along the way too! CHI! *jumps up and down with a big happy smile!* YES! (I like the fact that you put Buffy and Horatio together and well with her likeage for older guys well, and Horatio, you can hardly blame him either!) Keep going!
10/17/2010 c1 TheLandYachtAustin
Reading the synopsis, I see this shows as the "third installment" of a series...what are the first two stories, please? I'd love to read this as the first page or so appears to be well-written & interesting. I don't want to go any further though, because I don't like spoiling.

I'd assume the "Boondock Saints" cross is the #2 story? What's #1? Or am I completely off the mark? Thanks!
7/6/2010 c4 Sarra Torrens
AWE! That's all I can say! You hit the mark with that and to my heart you can never know. Great job!
7/6/2010 c4 CelticJenn
Youre a terrific author and this is a great story...I was suprised to find a CSI cross that I enjoyed but this one is very interesting...it will be even more interesting to see how things develop!

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