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8/27/2010 c8 1archangel 52
rofl. i love the title of this chapter.
8/15/2010 c11 6Dark demon619
Wow that has to be one of the greatest Red team adventure I've ever read, I can only wonder what the blues were doin during all of this..."thinking about blue team messing with the chief on another ship escaping Reach"
8/8/2010 c11 4Bear of Cali
That was just plain awesome
7/13/2010 c11 11the good dr
Well I'll be brief, funny as hell. Hope you do halo 2.

signed the good dr.
7/12/2010 c8 someone u don't know
if the blues are in the second book u may have to make church a kickbutt guy also kinda like sarge in this chapter
7/8/2010 c11 2AnimeFanReader01
Great story, now you know what's coming...if only the blue guys got a shot at Halo 2 and both of them teamed up for Halo 3 would I be even more happy. Sequels? Oh well, later.
7/8/2010 c11 1ODST Recruit
Once again, another superb chapter with everything I like about RvB. Sarge badassery, Griff pain and suffering, and huge explosions. Also I like how in chapter 10 you include the defeated yet rejuvenated line from RvB Revalation Episode 10. Have you seen the new PSA?
7/8/2010 c11 DaDude

That was a fast update, and I pray to the god of comedy, guns, and kick-ass super-soldiers for at least two sequels (three, if you've read First Strike)
7/7/2010 c10 11the good dr
Didn't you see the RT short, they can't rehire Megan Fox because she's Joel's superhot girlfriend, So that means that Michael Bay probably lost the box. I want Reach soooooo bad!

signed the good dr.
7/7/2010 c10 Dadude
As usual, your story captures both the awesomeness of halo (and Sarge), and combines it with the hilarity of Red vs Blue. I hope you continue this thing right through the entire series! Because it is awesome (and Free)!
6/26/2010 c5 Holy Clannad
tuckers mean...
6/13/2010 c9 3alricstrife
pretty good work
6/10/2010 c9 Mateo Vinece
just read all the chapters in one sitting. funny ass hell :D! hope you are still planning to finish this one cause I cant wait to see what happens when theyre all piled in the warthog to get off halo
6/7/2010 c5 Rae 4231
6/6/2010 c9 11the good dr
Only Grif could be suck that much. But he is a good plot device for whenever the Reds need a distraction, or a way to motivate Sarge.

signed the good dr.
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