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6/5/2010 c9 1ODST Recruit
Superb chapter, as always.
5/18/2010 c8 RnR66
I read all seven chapters and man YOU sir have done a great job. Keep them coming! I am going to see if you done a blue ODST
4/21/2010 c8 9Slicerness
some decent sarge ownage and even a twilight bashing joke. a mighty fine return if ya ask me.
4/21/2010 c8 11the good dr
I'm pissed they killed Donut and Lopez. Though episode three of the new season was awsome. Shotgun. Shotgun. Damn it Grif, you can never do anything right.

signed the good dr.
3/14/2010 c7 the good dr
We need to have a zombie preparedness week in real life, just to keep us safe from the hypothetical threat of Zombies. And everyone should be required to havr a minimum of thirty seven plans, just like Sarge.

signed the good dr.
3/14/2010 c7 3Prvt. Caboose

That was a perfect Sarge moment.

Almost as good as "There's my shotgun! Mission accomplished! Excellent work, men!"

"Look sir, there's Grif."

"Oh, right. Excellent... something... Oh, hell. Why do I even bother?"

Did I read it correctly that instead of a second weapon Donut carried a flower?
2/21/2010 c6 11the good dr
Stupid Griff, he never understands anything. Stupid stupid Griff.

signed the good dr.
2/21/2010 c6 9Slicerness
nice job. definitly your best chapter yet. the action was explained alot more thoroughly.
2/21/2010 c6 3Prvt. Caboose
Now that's typical Red Team.

And Sarge is not the total badass as in the last chapters, making him more the gruff leader we love.

I just hope you'll be able to include Sarge's combat orders at some point.
2/7/2010 c5 Prvt. Caboose
Yep, that's Red Team alright.

But Sarge doesn't say things like "fuck".

And maybe Sarge shouldn't be so badass. But the move with the Banshees was definetly awesome.

His tries to kill Grif are a bit too much, he's more on a constant threatening relationship with him.

Other than that, carry on as it is.

1/15/2010 c5 waylsind
Haha! Oh man, this is friggin hilarious, and a brilliant idea. You managed to stay very true to the show, although I'm pretty sure the Reds all would have died twice already. Then again, it would be no fun if they fucked up and the human race was doomed. I prefer happy endings. Keep it coming! Oh, and I would love to see the Blues do ODST, or any other Halo game.
1/9/2010 c5 11the good dr
Stupid bluetards. But seeing them try not to get ass raped by the covenant might be funny.

signed the good dr.
1/7/2010 c1 1HALOROXLOL95
dat was cool, even though i do not own the odst game that was cool. I think griff is my favorite char. Well i liked it so will you check out ma story, i dont have reviews!
1/7/2010 c5 9Slicerness
is the pairing for the L4D/L4D2 crossover gonna be Zoey/Ellis? cuz ive only seen the pairing done once and i liked what little was there (it was only like, 2.5k words) but i think it was abandoned. doesn't matter if it has lemons or not (it is a plus though) as long as its not Nick/Rochelle.

if so (on the E/Z part) i'll be all over it.

i'm not a fan of Death Note fanfiction. i tried to get into it but considering i missed pretty much the entire middle third of the series it makes understanding it a little difficult. that and its hard to write light. if you make him to good he seems like an actual god. and not an interesting one, just one that always knows whats going to happen, and that get boring. and if you don't write him perceptive enough then he's not really light now is he?

the only thing i know about metroid is that samus is one hot piece of a$$ in her zero suit in brawl.

ive seen every one of the star wars movies ONCE and it was over the span of several years. i don't know near enough to not get lost while reading.

if its done well then i'll give the resident evil fic a try. i'm a zombie fanatic but ive found out its rather hard to emulate the pulse-pounding awesome-ness that zombies create through text.

well there my opinion. c ya next chapter/story.
1/7/2010 c5 2AnimeFanReader01
Hey, I think i've reviewed just about every chapter for this story so I don't think you could say i'm not interested...it's just that there are a set number of genres that I like to read. The only ones you mentioned that I like to read about are Halo, Naruto, Resident Evil(movies only), and Star Wars(Force Unleashed(I'm working on a fic right now for it)). I'm not into much KH or TT. Later.
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