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for You Can't Leave Me

3/16/2011 c1 Taito-kiss
Wow.. I have read this twice, and I lovee it :D

Good story, but... I wish it was longer. It seems like you want to finish it quickly, so you just skip the intro. Not bad, but I prefer longer story. Lol. Keep going !

Thank's for make this story :)
8/2/2010 c1 34KaiserinAstraia
I think it could've been a little more descriptive, otherwise it was good tho :D
1/21/2010 c1 haheho
Amazing :)

I really enjoyed reading this. ^-^

It'd be awesome if you made it a multi-chap story :D
12/30/2009 c1 NovaKai

Please Write More :D

sora's so darn cute
12/21/2009 c1 5Shino159
Love it!~ 3 ^^
12/12/2009 c1 Namine's Aprentice
Very nice, hehehe, you were able to make Sora seem innocent yet lustful, very hard to acomplish. I wonder though... Who did Riku think was replacing him? I adore that vageness because it allows the reader to come up with hundreads of different side paairings.
12/11/2009 c1 the kid
have you ever thought about doing a roxas and sora? you know, that one scene when they fight and when sora beats roxas he leaves respectfully? could you do a one shot on that, please?
12/6/2009 c1 fleur breeze
WOW! I just played this game again too... I think I saw that scene... ;p

LOVED IT! Write more plz... The true feelings of Sora and Riku.
12/5/2009 c1 7NinjaSheik

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