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1/12/2011 c14 KarinV
OMW, this is such an amazing story. I just can't get enough of it. I really hope you will update soon, cause I'm hooked :)

Big Hugs

1/11/2011 c5 3junebugx87
I'm literally cringing reading through Edward's parts... I'm curious to see how Jacob & Bella get through this, but honestly I'm not sure I can stomach Edward. Ugh. What a worthless piece of crap. Disgusting... anyone and everyone who does this in real life deserves a slow and painful death. You guys are really good writers.. maybe ill check out some of your other work since I'm not sure I can read more of this LOL


1/11/2011 c14 jharv241
My God you ladies haven't updated in so long! Even though the chapter was short, I still enjoyed it. Please don't wait so long next time.
1/11/2011 c14 Delia0Black
I started reading this at work hehehe but I love it you are doing an awesoe job. Hope you continue to update.
1/11/2011 c4 Allie
Already in love with the story. I like how Bella is still able to 'joke', You're doing a fantastic job :)
1/11/2011 c14 mkpd
Oh wow! An update, and a great one at that! The secrets were all laid out, and Bella and Jake only came closer. And now, well, they're officially official. No longer playing a game. How exciting! :D
1/11/2011 c14 SG1493
Yay ur bk u haven't updated in soooo long I almost forgot about this story. Great chappy
1/11/2011 c14 sabbylou42
Awww...super tender and sweet chpater. Glad to see a great update. I love this story to no end!
1/11/2011 c14 fmneff
I was so happy to see the update! Thank you!

I was so glad he finally told Bella about Angela. It was not an easy thing to do.

B/J are in a little bubble at the moment...wonder how long it will last. The ending of the chapter was so sweet.

I usually don't like E/J stories but I am so glad I found this one!
1/10/2011 c14 48LorMenari
That made me all warm and fuzzy inside! Great update!

1/10/2011 c14 ILoveMrGeorgeWeasley
you finally started writing again eeeeehhhh I love you my unborn twins love you write now I'm like screaming you pename right now cause I'm so happy I loved the chapter I loved the love you part I loved what Bella said about never getting rid of her. I loved Angela's funeral tombstone thing and I just love this all write more soon lol
1/1/2011 c13 fmneff
First of all, I am a B/E story person, but I am so enthralled with AQF. I see the story has not been updated since May but I am hoping there willbe more to

the story. I understand there Is only one author now and it has to be difficult to find the free time to write. You are king such a fantastic job! I lovw E/J in this story, edward , not so much...this is huge stretch for me. Please write more!
9/17/2010 c13 mkpd
Aww, I'm sorry that you two won't be working on this together anymore, but I'm sure that you'll do fine. Believe me when I say, I know what RL feels like, especially when it gets in the way of writing. Completely understand. But I've really enjoyed this story so far; you've got lots of interesting twists, and I really find myself feeling for the characters. Jake and Bells crack me up, with their bitchiness towards each other despite the fact they're in love...and then the sweetness (Jake's especially) will peek out. Loved the car ride chapters (and the Victoria's Secret part, ha!) And then there's poor Sam, who's worried about anyone close to him. His life has got to be a wreck because of this creepy killer. I really hope Emily and Clair stay safe! And then Edward himself! Gosh, you can feel the evil pouring off of him! It's scary!

So yes, awesome job. Looking forward to more.

Oh, and I have to say, one of my favorite parts is Bella describing Mike Newton's dick to Jake! Lmao!
8/2/2010 c13 Jena2013
love this story.:)
7/1/2010 c13 Jakalin
Wow this story is reallly! Really awsome (: keep onn writing (:
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