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for Quiet Fire

4/12/2010 c8 jharv241
Excellent chapter, I love Jake & Bella characters constantly fighting. Arguing over the radio, bathroom time. And I loved the proposal.
4/11/2010 c7 jharv241
Go head tough Sam! I love this story!
4/11/2010 c6 jharv241
I love this story and I understand Jacob treating her that way, but damn do he have to be so mean!
4/11/2010 c5 jharv241
Edward is one sadistic motherf**ker in the story. I am so lovin it.
4/11/2010 c4 jharv241
Twenty more minutes of pure silence later she practically yelled, "I'm hungry!"

It startled me so bad my hand automatically reached for my gun. When I realized what she said my anger only flared up more. I was mad at myself for letting her scare me.

"What? Do I look like a fucking Burger King to you?"

"No, you look like fucking Ronald McDonald so take my ass to Micky D's." she sassed back at me.

Now that was funny! I am so enjoying this story.
4/11/2010 c3 jharv241
OMG! That was so sad! I literally cried.
4/11/2010 c1 jharv241
This is some dark s**t! First time ever reading a Jake & Bella fic like this. I am enjoying it though.
3/30/2010 c12 12Jillyan Potter-Black
I cant wait to read more! Hope you update soon!
3/30/2010 c12 dirtychicken
ah, they love each other!
3/30/2010 c11 dirtychicken
Can't wait to see jake's POV of the party! Good chapter!
3/30/2010 c10 dirtychicken
I can't wait to see what the backlash is to Bella telling Paul that Jacob is gay, especially with so many people in town knowing them!
3/30/2010 c9 dirtychicken
Great chapter!
3/30/2010 c8 dirtychicken
Ahh, jake! Sounds like he has good taste in rings and underwear!
3/30/2010 c7 dirtychicken
Really interesting to see this story from everyone's POV! Great idea, and great story!
3/30/2010 c6 dirtychicken
Holy crap, can jake not be a little nicer? I am anxious to see how the rest of the trip goes...
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