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2/12/2021 c28 Drea09
loved this story and your writing style. Story like this are sooo frustrating. I loved the story but absolutely HATED Bella. She was selfish arrogant narcissistic judgmental and not at all self aware. She used Jane as a crutch, then acts hurt when Jan lashes out. Bella was so Toxic as a person and never got called out on it.
2/12/2021 c21 Drea09
Bella is such a user. She just bounces from person to person taking what they have to offer waiting until her life start going her way. She has put no effort into anything. Including her friendships
2/11/2021 c8 Drea09
Bella is extremely self involved and rude. so far, nothing she has done or said has shown any regard or concern for anyone around her.
1/20/2021 c14 blb1000
Knew it was coming, but damn, the suddeness still got me.
1/17/2021 c3 blb1000
Crap. Good thing there's lots more chapters.
12/14/2020 c13 Bumbleebree
So. I just started this fic and let me tell you... lord child I am blown away. I love you writing style. I so appreciate and hate that I feel 17 again. Thank you!
11/25/2020 c16 shannon30033
Hi! I haven’t commented, yet because this story was probably written I 2010I forget to look sometimes). I just wanted to tell you how much I liked your email as a time device. It showed how the friends have lived and changed and gave us a quick snippet of their lives during that year or month. I thought it worked beautifully, as I am sure others have commented.

I have really enjoyed the rest of your chapters. I love the drams and the young love. Thank you so much!
1/16/2020 c16 Xanthuis
This chapter sucks in the sense life happens and it's rare that someone gets there happily ever after at 18
7/30/2019 c28 debslmac
:) loved this story
6/13/2019 c28 Tan
Your writing is beautiful but boy were these two a bunch of immature idiots. So selfish, and yet, I'm happy for them.
6/13/2019 c24 Tan
I don't understand why Edward's doing this to Chelsea? Just break up with her. It's better than cheating on her.
6/12/2019 c22 Tan
*sigh* these assholes... I hate cheaters and home-wreckers.
6/12/2019 c21 Tan
Jane should have taken a picture of them together and asked "since it's 'nothing', do you mind if I send this to Edward's girlfriend?" See how they react then. Assholes. Bella is actually worse than Jane's stepmom because at least she wasn't aware. Bella knows exactly what she's doing.
6/11/2019 c5 Tan
I have a feeling Jane likes Bella.
3/23/2019 c7 BlueVega
I've been trying to figure out what's off about this story for me, and I think its the discrepancy of the age. They're supposed to be seniors in high school, and they're having sex, which is accurate, but the conversations and gossip all sound more middle school. IDK maybe that's just for me.
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