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for Heir of the Juubi

8/15/2012 c3 2ronnieangell
Awesome! update soon!
7/13/2012 c3 31The Howling Behemoth
Are you going to update? If not please set it up for adoption.
6/11/2012 c1 ben
... hmmm question... why is he a dragon? i mean he juubi had 10 tails, and had arms and legs that where... caninsh? and in most soruces its a wolf, why 2 tail? hes not powerful enough to unlock them? too weak and inexperienced? his body can't handle the power yet? just wondering... maybe you will give an explaination in next chapter so i will jsut read and find out
6/10/2012 c3 Guest
I just reread these 3 chapters and I still think they are AWESOME! Please continue soon :D
1/23/2012 c3 gohan90
Great story just disappointed that it hasn't been updated in almost 2years.
12/9/2011 c3 15Eragon Namikaze
You know, for my OC, Eragon Namikaze, he pratically is a demon container himself. Did a few crossovers and stuff. You know, I do have an idea where this story could go and all, in fact it's going in a direction very similar to the sequel that I'm planning for Teen Titans karaoke party despite the fact that it's not done yet?
7/27/2011 c3 2kyuubi19
not bad... i like th new beast boy... cant wait for the next ch
4/11/2011 c3 4bloodyemperor
i have only a couple things to say

first great story i never thought of giving beast boy a harem

but now that i thought about it he probably does deserve one

so thank you for giving beast boy a harem and getting him off tofu

second i have to ask will jinx or blackfire be in the harem?

for jinx because when i first saw them fight i honestly thought she liked him.

for blackfire (shrugs shoulders) just thought it would make your story interesting.
1/20/2011 c3 12Ninja bat master

9/11/2010 c1 5Yoru and Joker 4ever
5/6/2010 c3 5Azure Neko
Interesting. So where are, or were, the ninja villages in this world? Are the jutsus that used to be used going to play a part in this story at all? Eg. Ally/enemies showing up using jutsus, summoning contracts, seals, bloodlines, etc. I don't expect you to use any Naruto characters in this setup, but it would be interesting to see what the various villages have become.
3/27/2010 c1 2DarkRapture
Yay! The eye description sounds like Neji+Sasuke eyes. O.o
2/24/2010 c1 Guest
no wings... a giant alien head no mouth... 10 tails
2/12/2010 c3 8Ndasuunye
THe only thing that I'm confused about is how exactly did Beastboy put Raven at peace. Also, did Beastboy ever turn back to a human in this chapter or was he just that big wolf the entire time. And what happened to the mention of Naruto too? was so hoping of some naruto memorabilia. Other than that, its fine I suppose.
2/12/2010 c2 Ndasuunye
a bad case of deus ex machina. The way you written it made me wary of continued reading, and the scarlet thing really made me sceptic. But I'll continue to give it a shot.
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