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1/9/2019 c4 Guest
i love this story but would like if you put authors notes at the bottom of the page instead of the middle of the story
1/9/2019 c3 Guest
Well is it bad that I actually got in 3 arguments with one of my friends in 1 day the subjects being
1. how to kill someone with a wrench
2. thoughts on the school dance
3. who was more crazy

( the wrench thing was because we found a wrench )
1/9/2019 c1 Guest
Wow did you actually write it 100x! this is the best jasper civil war thing i have read so far
12/10/2016 c9 Annie Toretto
Mpff... stupid author notes! Every time there's an AN you rip us out of the story- doesn't make any fun to read it. Kinda sad coz I really like the storyline.
2/23/2016 c10 Mirawennem
I hope you will continue this story, because so far I absolutely love it. Looking forward to future updates.
4/30/2015 c1 Guest
statesrights States Rights STATES RIGHTS- not slavery
4/5/2015 c3 lunalobo
Hi I guess u did the sentence with googletranslate, I don't know if you care and it doesn't really matter I guess, but a correct would be :
Sie sind Vampire ... erzähl es niemanden/keinem (They are vampires... don't tell anybody)
Einen großen Kaffee von Starbucks (a big coffe from starbucks)

you can choose eiter niemanden or keinem whatever u prefer.
I really like ur storry so far, it's funny :)

4/2/2014 c10 24Lmb111514
You know, I remember growing up and being taught about the civil war and about how it was aol about slavery, the confederates were wrong, etc. until I started a new class called american studies and my history teacher told me how the war wasn't really fought against slavery, how the generals were really like, etc. So it's fun, because a while ago after learning everything about the civil war unit, my little brother brought home a test and put it on the fridge and one of the questions was about what the war was about and my brother got the correct answer of 'it was about slavery', I just laughed at seeing that...I love this story though, it is hilarious and great, I really hope you can continue!
10/3/2011 c10 1FiaGiggles
I would love to do it (in case you haven't found anyone as of yet) If you want to know anything about me, send me a PM. Yes, I love your story, so I'd really be honoured. Kinda.

I'm being random again.


10/3/2011 c9 FiaGiggles
Okay, I kinda think that I missed writing one for chap 6 ...

ANYWAYS, I still find it HILARIOUS. And I can't help thinking that Jesse's A LOT like my best friend... well.

Still can't criticize anything, so that's it.

10/3/2011 c3 FiaGiggles
Hey ;)

So I just found your story and kinda thought I'd already leave a comment after 3 chapters because it's just a nice thing to do? Right?

Uhm , whatever.


There are a few mistakes in your German, but it's actually really good. Do you learn it at school?

7/9/2011 c10 1Owlgrrl
I hope that you get a new editor soon, but I am unable to apply as I don't meet all of the requirements. This is a wonderful story, and I cannot wait until the next chapter hopefully comes out.
7/5/2011 c1 3Razzbaby
Illinois may not have a Confederate soldier, however there were slave owners in southern Illinois. And Missouri was right across the river from Illinois. Interesting story. Looking forward to reading the rest.
7/5/2011 c10 marsbareater12
Yeah, I'm too lazy to log in. Fuck me :P

Anyway, I can be your editor-I'm 14, and if you want to see some of my stuff just ask. Don't go to my fanfiction profile-ugh, the stuff on there is horrible. I like my
7/4/2011 c10 4Flags-R-Us
Ahh, I would offer, but I:

*Don't know a lot about country music

*Swear (Correction- I do swear, but I feel bad afterward-such a softie haha :). However, I dont mind at all if other people do)

Ah well, if you're really desperate, just let me know and I can get it back to you in less than a day :)
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