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7/20 c3 Kingkong101
This is shit.
6/5 c11 12HyperA2019
I am looking forward to Chapter 10.
2/10 c1 Guest
Naruto was the Third/Fourth Kyuubi jinchuriko

First was Mito, followed by Kushina, Followed finally by both Naruto and Minato since they both had half of The Kyuubi sealed inside them
3/8/2020 c7 Atryx10
I'm pretty sure the mere spiritual pressure from Naruto would have disintegrated everyone below captain level.
3/6/2020 c3 King Harpo
Stark is a natural arrancar. He removed his mask.
10/18/2019 c10 Jcassie
nooooooooo! i loved it when he asked are you sure you're not shikamaru? god that was hilarious. and the icha icha was good too. urg! so many funny parts.
6/28/2019 c1 lachyfrost
I would find this enjoyable if he wasn't 5000 years old and you still make him act like a stupid, dumb, weak little bitch. You said he was a god, then you have him unleash 4 tails of 10 weak ass captains. Don't even try to say that there not weak, compared to the captains in the future they are weak. Then you have him unleash 6 tails for some for a few girls, like come on. And there is no way someone 5000 years old would act and be that stupid, just jumping the hot springs fence in enemy territory. Fuck
6/26/2019 c11 4Monster King
Can't wait to see the next story
6/25/2019 c9 Otaku-2468
please make more stories like this. I beg of youuuuuuuu!
10/4/2018 c11 2caffeineandshiny
As you put it in "chapter 10", the story felt a bit rushed. Explanations were given but character reactions were the best part of the story and I wish there were more of them rather than simply giving information to everyone and not really experiencing what the characters feel. That being said this is one of the better Naruto "god" bleach stories I've read, and it is still providing entertainment 9 years later.
8/1/2018 c1 jmoney98
I dont do reviews but this story is trash. 1 he has way to much emotion and for the first to chapters u talk about him being such a powerful badass but then runs like a little bitch from a girl. you ruin your own story such a disappointment
11/26/2017 c6 Guest
You want to know what's wrong... Most of the humor is forced. Period.
And this isn't even supposed to be humor.
Oh one more thing, I don't know what adventure means to you but this story has lost its goal.
11/26/2017 c5 Guest
Uh... You forget what you were doing didn't you?
This chapter is totally pathetic and doesn't fit into the story... Well not that there is a place for anything.
This story seems like it doesn't know what it's doing... Hope you improve soon.
4/9/2017 c11 AddictedDucky
Great story, plot was nice. Shame it ended tho. With bunch of toxic reviews from guests I don't really blame you.
4/9/2017 c1 AddictedDucky
Huh, prologue that is interesting and long. Kudos for you :D
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