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for A Secret Life

1/8/2011 c2 Darkness Bandit
hmm, i wonder who kira is related to. is it mokuba as her uncle, and seto as her father (cause to me mokuba seems more laid back, where as seto definitaly doesn't) either way, it must be someone of the original yugioh cast because of how much she knows of the god cards.

please update, i can't belive you only got three reviews. the more you write, the more reviews you will get though, so update please!
7/17/2010 c2 Satchelle
This chapter really showed how much she loves her dad, but is a free spirit and everything. I actually laughed at the water balloon part, I hadn't been expecting that. Good job! The whole thing makes me want to find out what happens next! :)
7/17/2010 c1 Satchelle
Wow, you've gotten substantially better at writing, haven't you? I liked it! Makes me miss playing Yugioh, we're going to have to role-play GX again now that we've both improved our writing skills huh? Anyways, great first chapter!
4/30/2010 c2 13xxpinkblinkxx
Wow that sounds great so far! I can't wait until chapter 3 is made! ;) You are such a good writer keep on writing! :)

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