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for Why Won't Those Rangers Stop Meeting Already?

8/7/2014 c25 lalala
la la la la la la (singing) la la la
8/7/2014 c10 Guest
8/7/2014 c1 ajjdkd
Zippidee Zippidee Zaaapy Zap Zap
3/6/2014 c28 65Frodo's sister
So kendrix actually tricked Trina.
3/6/2014 c17 Frodo's sister
That was funny especially Rocky wanting to order the many flavored sundae. There is a mistake though. In this sentence you should have wrote he instead of his. You're just getting Justin to stop being a Ranger before his crashes another Zord ...
5/22/2013 c50 8red neo ranger
Funny loved it keep it up
4/26/2013 c31 65Frodo's sister
I like the parot imitating scene, and the evil ghost pirate scene is good too.
4/26/2013 c15 Frodo's sister
This is a good one. I can see the humor in this one including the joke about Taylor being AWOL
4/7/2013 c50 39Jessica01
Well, you can't force your muse.
4/7/2013 c50 2Jeremy Shane
Super Story
9/5/2012 c49 Jeremy Shane
Great Chapter & More Please
8/26/2012 c49 39Jessica01
Storm Blaster a female! Good one!
8/5/2012 c14 mary sue looover
Can you help me find a Mary Sue Story?
8/5/2012 c23 rabbit
Boing! Boing! Boing! Boing!
7/19/2012 c22 1dragonflydart
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