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4/5/2010 c1 2KrisK
Amazing! I'm in tears, it was so beautiful!
3/27/2010 c1 JH
Just lovely. Sam/Teal'c is my OTP, and I love seeing post-Unending fic where Sam/Jack doesn't keep them apart. And judging from the way Teal'c looks at her at the end of the episode, there's no way he's going to keep his feelings safely locked away.
12/30/2009 c1 35iridescentZEN
This was just heart breaking, and wrapped up so beautifully! I loved, loved, LOVED Teal'c's unintentional (perhaps) seduction of Carter from the sidelines.
12/9/2009 c1 dreameralways
AH! That was great. Thanks.
12/9/2009 c1 6JAJJAJ
Wonderfully done! I'm glad you posted this piece here. Sam's and Jack's relationship is very real, and they both stay in character. And I love how Jack's knowledge of the Sam-Teal'c connection begins and grows and how Teal'c seems to patiently court Sam without, till the end, hope that they will ever be together. A very lovely, very poignant piece.

12/9/2009 c1 5sammie77
Well written and beautiful. Enjoyed it!

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