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for tamakis twin sisters

4/29/2013 c1 14i'm awesome at singing
more I love itt
1/9/2010 c1 5Nitrea
Can't wait for the story it sounds intresting!

-Love Nitrea ;)
12/11/2009 c1 9PartyOnTheMoon
I forgot a couple of things in my last review in your other story.

It would help if you didn't list your characters, that takes the fun out of the story. Describe them in full detail, to help the reader get a better understanding of the character.

And if you tell people you suck at spelling in your summary, then they won't read it.

I'm not sure if you're trying to get readers, or if you just want to post your ideas on here. But if you're trying to get readers you might want to change that, and then they'll click to read.

Just a thought, ^_^

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