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2/24/2010 c7 4TMSescritura
What fun! Can't wait to read about the revenge.
2/24/2010 c7 5Faye-Faye-the-Dream-Faye
OMG! I love the party idea wonderful! Brilliant idea including Pam in on Sookie's revenge plan! I can't wait to see what Sookie has planed! Update soon please!
2/24/2010 c7 3Eternal Kaila
I can't wait to see what she had planned for him.
2/24/2010 c7 ericsmine
I never had a girls night like that, maybe I should have one.I am married with 2 kids any ideas?...I can't wait to see Sookie's revenge.
2/24/2010 c7 Millarca666
Oh dear! I hope it's not too over the top. Sookie can be childish.
2/24/2010 c7 kcdeas
I really enjoyed this chapter. I laughed out loud.
2/24/2010 c7 1MellyKen
I am on pins and needles to see what Sookie has planned. Can't wait for the next chapter!
2/23/2010 c1 17smittenskitten
Sookie is sassy indeed.

Great work with Sookie. I think you are the first author to keep Sookie levelheaded, and it's refreshening.

2/22/2010 c6 Ericsfae
I love it! It's about time Eric put Bobby in his place for being very mean to Sookie. Thank you for updating exciting story. I can't wait to read the next chapter. TWO THUMBS UP! :D
2/22/2010 c6 25emmettismymonkeyman
woah. he is really wicked. and not in a good way, i would think that Pam would object to making steve..a vampire. woah woah woah.
2/22/2010 c6 Millarca666
Another fun chapter. I enjoy this story greatly. More, please.
2/22/2010 c6 EN426
LOL! Sookie going to have a cow! Eric just doesn't have a clue, I almost feel sorry for him. Except it would take away Pams amusment. I can't for the next update.
2/22/2010 c6 1vikilover
Eric is too funny... Loving your story...
2/22/2010 c6 ericsmine
Just wanted to let you know your devious Eric is highly attractive to me.I am so loving this story and thanks for sharing it.
2/22/2010 c6 heralderofspringtime
Love that Eric found out about what being "kept" means! Abd Bobby finally has his comeuppance! Awesome!
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