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6/28/2012 c3 Ealasaid Una
I love this story. Thanks for writing it.
9/16/2011 c3 21Kirsten Erin
This entire story was incredibly boring. I couldn't wipe the grin off my face during Mush's whole plot to get Ruby to stop being bullied. And Blink's, 'I thought we had something special' nearly killed me from laughter. :) Great job! Keep up the great work.
12/27/2009 c1 1Miss Sarah Louise
I love this so far! Keep going!

-Sarah 3
12/22/2009 c3 1AdrenalineRush16

Lemme say it again.


Seriously, I loved all the pictures and the adorableness of Kloppy. And Jack's line "Yeah, well, we know how much ya love us. Now you can look at us all day." So typical.

Seriously, this story is awesome. Great job Pegasus and sorry again for the lateness.



P.S. Loved the "Allegro" reference. :)
12/22/2009 c2 AdrenalineRush16
Ahh! Peg, I am SO sorry for not reviewing! I've been busy and well, its slipped my mind. *gets down on her knees* Please forgive me?

I love this story. I feel bad for Ruby (you make awesome OC's goil!) and the idea of Mush protecting this girl from those awful bullies is just too cute to behold. Honestly, I wanted to punch those girls though. Cutting a girl's hair like that? That's so low. Seriously, beyond mean. But Mushy and Blinky saved the day! *huggles both of them* I just re-read the second half of the chapter and I loved the 'acting' that went on.

Yay Peg!

12/21/2009 c3 4elleestJenn
I must say that I am disappointed. I expect more than just three chapters. I think you should have continued on! Well anyways good three chapters.
12/21/2009 c3 14pen 'n notebook
This is a really great story! I just can't explain it. The over all feeling and atmosphere is just right. It's so easy to imagine happening. I like Ruby as a character. She's real, being bashful and helpful. She talks to Mush and everyone else without one-upping them like a Sue.

What I would give to see those pictures of the boys. If only I could draw... If you can, please try. Someone around here has to have enough artistic talent to draw the characters. We need to find them. Great story.

12/21/2009 c3 hedgi
warm fuzzies!

great story and.. wait- i've read that story, but i could not for the life of me recall it's name! i'm going to go re-read allegretto!

happy holidays!
12/21/2009 c3 huffle-bibbin
Great story! I loved it :)

Happy Holidays!
12/13/2009 c2 Bekah
Gettin' better and better each update! more soon please.

-luvs Bekah, a.k.a. Hopeful-Dreamer36
12/13/2009 c2 17huffle-bibin
this made me smile. I'd love to have the boys fighting over me, even if it was just for pretend :) lol
12/13/2009 c2 59Hedgi
Ruby's description reminds me of the shop girl 'Marta' from 'dragon slippers' and i love her- what a great character! the end was very cute- mush vs blink, who woulda thunk it? can't wait to read the next chapter
12/13/2009 c1 153stress
Aw, this is so sweet. I loved how it shows the boys trying to do something for Kloppman. And, considering how this Christmas is going, I totally understand their despair on searching for the right Christmas present!

Mush's personality really shines through. I like his whole thought of the "dance" with the pretty girl and how he reluctantly puts it off in favor of looking for the gift. But then the curtain sneezed - that was great. What a unique way to introduce the new character.

I can't wait to see what happens next.
12/12/2009 c1 14pen 'n notebook
Aww, this is very nice. It's a Mush story, and another Christmas story. Two for one! Yes, shopping is a pain. I just wonder how they were stuck with it. Did Kid and Mush volunteer or did everyone else suddenly have papers o sell?

My favorite part has to be "The curtain just sneezed." I can't really say why, but it's just one of the small humors in life. Can't wait to read the rest.

12/12/2009 c1 Water vs. Fire
You should continue this, it would make a great story!

-luvs Bekah

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