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for He Hurt Her When He Wasn't There

1/28/2011 c17 Guest
? *gasp* WTH?
1/22/2011 c17 5Brownies and Strawberries


I read this from the start till the end, thinking that somehow, Haruhi and Kyoya would get back together /3
12/5/2010 c17 ChrisKnight48
This is one of my favorite of your stories; having so many chapters, a full storyline to develop was great to read. As I have said, u r an amazing writer, although your grammar isn't always perfect, but that somehow fits...I know I haven't really given any constructive reveiws up to this point; the only other thing I would say is keep writing!:-)
9/24/2010 c17 mad-as-a-hatter1997
i adore this story i loved the storyline and everything. The ending was so sad but I'm adding this story to my favourites
9/15/2010 c17 13mudkiprox
WAHHHH YOU KILLED HARUHI! WAHHH! I really like this story though! Didnt it start out haruhi kyouya in the description? ah well. nice job!
9/6/2010 c17 4blackteaplease
such a sad ending :( poor mori, he is all alone while kyouya gets sam (a little unfair!) but im also sad coz this story is finished :(

hope u write another story as good as this one!
9/6/2010 c17 2paigeydoll
No! Haruhi's dead. That's so sad. I'm crying as i write this.
9/5/2010 c17 1Fruitsbasketluver123
AHHHHHHHH! she died? not cool, man. not cool. ^_^ write another story! :D it'd make me happy ^_^
9/5/2010 c17 16Kuramasredredrose
-sniffle- Awww...and then Marie and Kaoru had a girl and named in honor of their deceased friend... :D Great job! ;)
9/5/2010 c17 17MayContainRandomness




She... she DIED? So sad, but I liked it as an eding, happily ever after is nice but this was more original. Mori's speech nearly made me cry but it was a delayed reaction and I started to cry writing the review.

Lovely fic, well done ^^
9/5/2010 c17 1Scherherazade
OMG... you killed Haruhi. I never saw that coming. Well I can't say that I'm thrilled with the ending but that is because I'm more of a "happily ever after person". However, your story was well written through out. Kyoya especially, as mainly shown in this chapter, grew considerably emotionally. I thought that it was interesting how both Haruhi and Kyoya could love each other yet decide that they don't belong together. I'm glad that Haruhi and chose Mori in the end. Yet I'm very saddened by her death and Mori's loss.

You might want to consider changing the category from Romance/Angst to Romance/Tragedy because of Haruhi's death at the end.
9/5/2010 c3 NightWorldPrincess

9/4/2010 c17 4hannyfish
Love it! Looks like I spread my praise on the second to last chapter :p silly me.
9/4/2010 c16 hannyfish
Awww that is probably the best Mori/Haruhi story I've ever read! It was beautiful and incredibly well written, including the chapter you said failed! Don't get me wrong! ...Is there a sequel?
9/4/2010 c17 benni9199
duuuuuuuuuuuuuuude you killed her?

! :(

never mind that was a great story


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