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12/8/2015 c7 7Cgarcia555
Love your story, not so much the almost rape part, but the rest was very good! Eagerly waiting for your next one. Keep them coming. Hated to read/see Ellot
It hurt but made for a great read.
8/4/2014 c7 Guest
Just found this fic. I read it all in one sitting and really liked the twist you gave at the end, where Eliot got revenge on Stirling who "made his environment". Well done
4/5/2014 c7 apester
Man I would love to read that sequel. Great job I really enjoyed the story
2/6/2014 c7 11SageSloth
"What a ride!" My sentiments exactly. I was white-knuckling it all the way through; physically cringing but too hooked to stop reading. A situation very well handled and very believable if not for the rating of the television show itself.

5 stars and a tip of the hat from me :)
11/9/2013 c7 5Incognito77
Poor eliot but this fic was well done and even though i like sterling even though hes a major jerk i'm glad eliot got his revenge.
I really hope you decide to continue this story it would be interesting to read what you come up with.
7/15/2012 c7 2Nightwhisp
Deffinatly make a sequal! This was a really good story! I really liked it and it was very well written. If you do post a sequal, you should add a chapter to this so people know you're doing it :D
6/30/2012 c7 candygirl28
Addictive reading ! And chapter 4 well that one and a few other places really had me holding my breath
10/28/2010 c7 what the gaaah
I really liked this story, you capture the characters very well, even if they were in an unusual situation. Hope you decide to post that sequel soon!
9/14/2010 c7 19whimseyrhodes
Wow. wowwowwowwowwowwow...this story was amazing! The whumpage was utterly, well...whumpy. (Is that a word? lol) Seriously now, though, this story was awesome. Fromthe pain and broken bones in th beginning, to his despair, and the apathy during the attempted rape scene was amazing. Well written, and the medical stuff was great too. Not so much that we could find flaws in it, but enough so we knew what was happening.

Great Job, and can't WAIT for the sequel!
8/18/2010 c7 14Sister of the Moon
I just finished this and I have to tell you that I love it. Eliot stories are my absolute favorites, and you've done a great job here. Very realistic. I'm going to head over to your profile now so I can see if you have that sequel up!

(I almost passed the story up because it wasn't marked complete and hadn't been been updated since January. I'm glad I went ahead, but you might want to change that)

Great job!
4/17/2010 c7 45Maimat B
Great story! I really like how you ended it, and you kept Eliot so well in character through it all.
1/15/2010 c7 FictionalDayDreams1988
Very good ending.LOVED that he tortured Sterling before killing him!I would have done the same thing.Wish you would have shown the torture and Sterling's death though.Would've loved to be a fly on the wall for that conversation. :)
1/15/2010 c7 radioactive.raccoon
Great story and the final ch was very nicely done, Sterling got what he deserved :D Keep up the good work!

A sequel? Do want! :DD
1/15/2010 c7 MelodyF
The story was great. A sequel would be good.
1/15/2010 c7 NAVILLUS
Great ride Mel

do it again
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