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for Two Guys, A Vampire, and a Monster Academy

4/8 c1 Guest
Yaaaay I found your fic again! I remember reading every chapter as soon as you updated! I would gain odd looks laughing to myself out loud while reading but your writing was just great. I've never laughed so much and cried with a character as much as I have with your story!
1/28/2014 c1 Kirito
Oh my god this story is funny! I can't stop laughing! I think there should be a sequel.
2/22/2013 c1 LoafDog
Loved the chapter, you're OC is funny as hell.
9/16/2012 c1 Xaijin
Hilarious story, very entertaining read. I'm up to chapter 9, but not at all bored, even if it is following canon events. It's a good reimagining.

Hope you're planning to finish this!
7/8/2011 c9 origin of summoners
hope everything works out with your father time does heal all wounds after all.
6/29/2011 c1 DefectivexZombie
To tired to review fully tonight. So far looks great, Good stuff. ^^ Mata-ne!
6/21/2011 c17 1fanfictionaddict99
I really enjoy what you have done with this story. The things I enjoy the most being your sense of humor and your OC Louis McCorray. Yes the antics of Lou is one reason (amoung others) that I have stayed with this story, and made an account so I could send you a review (the fact that you blocked people without accounts from reviewing being another reason I made the account). Keep up the good work my friend. Good luck with all of the fanfiction you write and will ever write, and I look forward to the reading more of the adventures and antics of Louis McCorray.

p.s. Is there a chance that Lou and company will bump into Dante from Dante's Inferno (the game version perferably)?
6/4/2011 c2 8Killerbee77
Oh my god! Louis is so funny! This story is gold I'll tell you, gold! And he tried to use voodoo and Sacrifice a chicken man that was funny as hell! I'll definitly keep reading this fo' sho'.

Peace out~
8/18/2010 c16 2Mysticbreez

This is pure awesomeness.

Louis is one of the best OCs I've ever seen. I want him as my cousin xD

Keep up the good work~
7/8/2010 c16 11Weaver Chance
"Kara! Stop stealing the cookies before I get them!"

Sorry about that, Kara is one of my 'voices' that insists that they aren't just a voice, infact she's my 'Thief' voice, and yes it is a bit strange that my 'Thief' voice is female for the simple fact that I myself am male.

All that aside you have once again produced a rather interesting chapter, Keep up the great work!
7/5/2010 c16 1MustacheMan14
Sadly I don't know where you got the title :( but I as I was reading at the part with "great black gate" and its speach I thought of Dante's Inferno (the game and maybe the book) at an early part in the game as you fall into hell before entering Limbo you have to ride Charon the giant boat-creature and he says the same thing.

Anyways its turning into a great story and I hope you continue (ever with slow updates) nah your storys great and I hope you continue no matter what people say. ^^ WERE OFF TO THE BLACK GATE, THE WONDERFUL BLACK GATE OFF HELL!

7/4/2010 c16 1Yvori Gevura
Well i can`t say much but that this fic just lost the true point aa well itps you fic so do has you plase see ya around
6/20/2010 c15 11Weaver Chance
Is that a disguised recommendation to read 'Midori Days'?

Seriously I like this story purely because I have no idea where you're going to go next, however it isn't in my nature to leave many reviews.

Hmmm maybe I should read Midori Days, I've never been given a reason to delve in to it more than the blurb though.

Keep up the good work.
6/17/2010 c15 1Yvori Gevura
well it`s good but i need to re-read to be sure that you don`t mention kurumu much at all a well you fic your pairings (y just like too much that girl kurumu) well see ya later in the next chapter
5/29/2010 c13 2Klutzybear
He's coco for Co-co puffs!

I haven't had a decent laugh until that line. Good job. XD

I'm surprised you haven't gotten more reviews for this story. At first, I was a little hesistant on your character, Lou, being RELEATED to Tsukune, the main character of the series.

And truthfully, it did feel kinda empty when Lou did the same things that Tsukune was going to do. Even if it was to gain favor from the crew. And now he's got some special, super-rare form, that's a Fallen Angel?

Hmmm. . . might wanna throw in a few weaknesse's to even things out besides the whole "I explode at sun set/rise(?)" thing.

But all in all, I honestly like Lou.

Maybe, it's because he adds a new flavor to the group and has potential for new, exciting situations to look foreward to?

Or maybe, it's just because he said Kuyou is "Co-co for coco puffs?"

Honestly, that was pretty fucking funny line to me.

Thankfully, Lou doesnt recieve as much attention as Tsukune does. Although it's a tad obvious he's gain favor from the others, they, at least, don't throw themselves at his feet. Begging for sex and attention, (Except Yukari) Otherwise, I would've stopped reading.

He's funny, and has a fault or two, but is likeable.

Oh! Right..the problems...Hmm, the only real problems I have with the story is the fact you keep mixing Japanese and English together. Now, don't get me wrong. I find the language to be cute and interesting, but since I find myself reading in English. I'd like you to ignore the Japanese dialouge for now. (I would assume it's more work for you anyway.)

And I would also like to see a little more originality. It's good to follow the script of the show, but you can't pass up the chance to throw in your own wacky ideas for a school made for monsters! (besides, we need something unpredictable to happpen!)

There's a friggin teacher that turns students into Curry zombies for goodness sakes! XD

I hope to see the next chapter soon!
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