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for Aphrodite

2/19/2014 c5 alicewiggles
yep just the usual
1/13/2011 c5 9Chellie18
i would really see the reaction on generalĀ“s face

loved it!
12/22/2009 c5 stusue
I'd love you continue! What about the debriefing? Hammond's reaction? Could their marriage be considered legally binding on Earth? How will their bonding affect their relationship now? So much scope to continue! :o)
12/17/2009 c5 70BettyHall223
I like this story but hope you write a sequel.
12/15/2009 c5 7Janzan-Swomps
It's great! I wish it was longer, but it is great anyway. You're goining to write a sequel?
12/15/2009 c5 10Cort 85
Great story! Should you ever want to write a sequel, I would definately read it (Maybe have a way for them to stay married ;), just an idea...)
12/14/2009 c5 7Devilish Me
Awesome angst... :) Loved it
12/14/2009 c5 63Regularamanda
Glad you decided to post it on here to share! :D And yes I enjoyed it very much, thanks! :D *hugs*

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