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2/21/2021 c2 Guest
andy should be the one
5/10/2020 c2 cindy.gwengo
pretend sky was dreaming of that voice and it never happened
4/3/2019 c2 Guest
Either Valtor or Andy and then make them rape Bloom by the way great story, please continue!
6/17/2018 c2 kineuhansen
make the sex chapter from after the party with bloom in that red dress and is bloom first time
1/30/2018 c2 ilovewinxclubfanfiction
I think the person who is jelly is andy blooms ex
10/4/2017 c2 Guest
It should be about Andy, Bloom's ex boyfriend doing everything in his power to get Bloom ba
5/24/2017 c2 Guest
The Who's jealous of sky should be riven
2/16/2017 c2 6Kagehana15
another random student at red fountain and possibly a citizen of sparks/domino.
1/22/2017 c2 fanfics craycray
U gotta losen up, I need to write a book I just focus, meditate, or dream about it. I think u should add drama into it
11/11/2016 c2 Anonymous
Bloom has an old friend from earth who is also a secret Specialist who is a boy and liked her but she thought of him as a friend.
1/9/2016 c2 andinofelix
PLEAAAASE UPDATE ohhh and make it riven that would bring so much drama to the story
10/17/2015 c1 Fire fairy
Type your review here. Update soon.I am waiting to read it
10/17/2015 c2 Fire fairy
Type your review can made brandon jelous or maybe darkar or valtor.
9/28/2015 c2 Lihotmkx
9/23/2015 c2 8FashionStyle02
the person should be Andy
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