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6/28/2013 c2 HappyHappy102
Pick Andy or make your own character up
6/28/2013 c2 Brittany105
It could be Andy from season 4. He was Bloom's ex-boyfriend. But don't put them together. I'd hate to see that.
6/19/2013 c2 Guest
5/13/2013 c2 anonymous
Pls finish the story! I want to know what happens! Andy should be the jealous person! Oh pls keep sky and bloom together!:)
4/20/2013 c2 Guest
Just continue your story. It's nice
4/11/2013 c2 TeenIvy
Ok have bloom release her Dragon onto who ever it is who wants to hurt sky or have sky go into hiding and have bloom hunt this dude and tell them they broke up and then seduce him Ann when she kisses him have her stab him with a dagger in the heart cut his head off for good measure have her kill the ads some how without sky getting hurt .thanks
4/9/2013 c2 she's mine
Chapter 3
Bloom and sky went two school's
And bloom was at alfea in class and her birth parents call
4/9/2013 c2 Guest
3/6/2013 c2 Guest
make him a new character and than i don't know make bloom pregnant for sky or something
2/17/2013 c2 Daphne Ann Blake
I have like tons of ideas! Brandon can be the jellous of Sky. And 2 weeks from then Bloom and Sky should get married and Sky sort get Bloom pregnat! Write me back if u like my ideas
1/28/2013 c2 Shannon Cropper
I can Andy
1/22/2013 c2 alyssa
i like this story, why not continue it?
12/24/2012 c2 yumi
the person should be someone from the future whos fallen in love when he first saw her
12/20/2012 c2 Guest
12/11/2012 c2 Guest
The person should be Andy Blooms ex boyfriend
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